The 6 Pieces That Are Taking Over London Right Now

There are certain items (often from Zara) that I see women wearing almost every day on my commute. There have even been Instagram accounts set up in order to showcase these cult pieces, such as that blue-and-white Zara coat. I did some thorough research to discover the most-spotted items this month (i.e., I asked the Who What Wear UK office and put the question into all my WhatsApp groups) to see which pieces were the most popular in London. It quickly became clear that there are some high-street hits you're bound to see in any London office or Underground station. In fact, you might already own some of them. Keep scrolling to see the six items we're seeing all over London.

1. Topshop Slip Skirt

Topshop's satin slip skirts have been a phenomenal hit this season. I see one every single day in real life and on my Instagram, especially as the Who What Wear team together owns 11, and there are new colors and prints. Go, go, go!

2. Camel Coat

When it comes to coats, classic camel wool overcoats and camel teddy-bear coats have been taking over. 

London fashion trends: tiger print


Alyss Bowen

Bright zebra-print dresses have become a London girl's uniform. Fast fashion and designer labels are all stocking some of the punchy prints. 

4. Headbands

We can't stop seeing oversize headbands on the streets of London. We all remember the velvety ones with our names on them, right? Well, they're like this but chicer. 

5. Veja Sneakers

Veja sneakers have been popular for quite some time now, but we can't stop seeing them more than ever. At every corner coffee shop, in every weekend hot spot, they're the London girl's go-to kicks. 

6. Neon Tops

Neon is a runway trend we didn't think many people would adopt this year. However, every day, I see someone in a highlighter yellow, green, or pink top. They were also a favorite among the street stylers during fashion month, so they're confirmed now. 

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