"Tourist Sandals" Are the 2019 Shoe Trend You'll Have to Get Used To

We'd be lying if we said you're going to be instantaneously obsessed with this shoe trend. Hence the title. It's going to take some getting used to. The S/S 19 collections presented last September showed us a lot of things. Some were glamorous, some were nostalgic, and others were downright confusing. "Tourist sandals" were undeniably among the confusing set. The rubbery soles and unflattering straps were all our eyes could focus on whenever they were present, and we couldn't help but wonder how the general public would respond.

The good thing about the fashion crowd is that they love a good controversy. Giant dad sneakers? Down. Laura Ingalls Wilder dresses? Done. Sandals that look like they belong on a tourist walking around Disneyland with three fanny packs on and a map open? Definitely. We know; we know. We haven't been packaging this shoe trend in the most positive light, but that's because we're confused about it ourselves. We know this trend is "cool" in the sartorial world, but will it hold its own out there among all the people who don't know who Sandy Liang is and who still don't understand why someone would pay more than $30 on a pair of shoes? Who's to say?



ImaxTree; Sandy Liang S/S19

There is one thing we know for certain: If you're reading this, you probably love fashion, and you're probably willing to take risks and push boundaries, which is why we love you. With that said, this is a shoe trend you'll have to get used to. Whether you hate it now and love it later or vice versa, the tourist sandal trend is more than just a trend. It's a movement. And in case it wasn't clear, we are here for it fully. 

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