The 9 Key Trends Londoners Will Be Wearing This Fall

In my humble opinion, I think London in the autumn-time is a pretty special thing. The capital may not match up to the spectacular visual show of rusty-leafed trees that somewhere like New York City has to offer, but it feels like an exciting time where new prospects are upon us and that "back to school" excitement is palpable. Most people are still buoyed by the joys of British summertime and not yet so fed up with dark nights and rainy days to hibernate and ignore you in the street.

It's all about fresh outfit ideas and still being able to bare a little leg or go sans coat. It's the perfect window of opportunity for creative layering or getting extra mileage out of your favorite summer items that you simply aren't ready or willing to retire yet. It's my favorite season and so I'm very excited to place some bets on the fall trends I think London fashion people will really get behind in 2022. Being the keen outfit-building types this capital's best-dressed are, the signs have already started to surface. There are hints of newness as well as some ideas that have held so strong throughout the summer so far that I just know they won't be retired at the first glimpse of rain. From an ongoing fascination with truly nostalgic designer handbags through to the extension of hemlines into maxi skirt territory, these are the 9 key trends I think Londoners will adopt for fall 2022. 


London Autumn Fashion Trends for 2022



Style Notes: Balenciaga's reworked City bags and the new Le Cagole styles have a lot to answer for. They spearhead a return to the extra-fussy It bag styles of the noughties, and now I'm seeing girls picking up vintage styles all over the city.


Style Notes: The great thing about this maxi skirt comeback is that no matter where you buys yours from—high end or high street—the overall effect of a very plain, pared back style is wealth!


Style Notes: Savile Row is the epicentre of tailoring in the world, so London fashion people are no strangers to a fantastic suit. This season the trend continues for slouchy, oversized shapes with looser, wide-leg fits and boxy jackets.


Style Notes: Super-bright shirts have been going strong for two summers now and I don't expect to see them being put to rest over the fall months. Instead, they'll be worn under suits or layered over fine-knit roll-necks.


London Autumn Fashion Trends for 2022



Style Notes: Bikers, blazer and bombers are all on the agenda for AW22, but there's nothing a bohemian London girl likes more than a swishy fringed jacket. Particularly good with jeans and over long dresses.


London Autumn Fashion Trends for 2022



Style Notes: From Loewe's anagram tank to Prada's see-through logo-stamped heels, there are endless trending branded pieces out in the capital right now.


London Autumn Fashion Trends for 2022



Style Notes: Following on from the resurgence of maxi skirts you'll also find that form-fitting tube dresses are set to be big (and very comfy) news. I've already bought mine


Style Notes: We Londoners love our comfy shoes (Birkenstocks, Tevas and Dr Martens still rule) but with a renewed energy for heels you'll find lots of the city's trendsetters stepping into slingbacks with low or kitten heels. Especially if they are Gucci and covered in crystals.


Style Notes: Crochet has taken over my feeds this summer and I see no reason for it to quieten down over the colder months. 

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.