I Just Got Back From London—Brits Surprised Me by Wearing These 6 Things

London street style trends



Here's a fun fact that I absolutely love to share: I used to live in London. Last month, for nostalgia's sake, I took the Eurostar into one of my favorite cities of all time. While many things remained the same, one thing had changed. The fashionable people looked… different. 

In a post-pandemic world, British people seem to have embraced a new level of daring regarding their fashion choices. Among the fashion crowd, gone were the predictable floral dresses that I remembered from my college days. Instead, the streets were filled with an explosion of unexpected trends and risk-taking fashion statements. I was so inspired that I began to take notes on the fashion lessons that I learned. Below, find six surprising things that British people were seen wearing.

1. Striking Shades

London color trends



I came to London from Paris, and while both cities are known for a more neutral color palette, London really showed off the brightest rainbow of colors. Since spring was quickly approaching, I saw people showing off in bright oranges, greens, pinks, and even purples. I love a bright and colorful moment, so this observation got me shopping.


I can't believe that a dress this good could be on sale.

I'll take as many colorful shirts as I can get this time of year.

This dress is the definition of timeless.

2. Sporty Sneakers

Once when I was in London, I was put to shame for wearing sneakers. The doorman at the Ritz-Carlton tearoom sent me home while pointing at my shameful "trainers," so I thought sneakers in London were a no-go. Fashion people are rule breakers, and they weren't afraid to wear whatever shoes they wanted. I felt totally inspired.


My ideal white sneakers for summer.

I finally got my hands on these, and they're sick.

Something about this retro shape has me obsessed.

3. Elevated Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are another shoe trend that I thought would be a no-no, especially in a big and busy city. But with thong sandals trending again, I saw fashion people wearing these seasonally inappropriate sandals on the high streets and thoroughly enjoyed the view.


Oh, I can just tell that these are comfortable.

Leopard print is such a fun way to step up a pair of thong sandals.

No one is going to believe you when you tell them how cheap these were.

I'm low-key obsessed with all things Tkees.

4. Baggy Trousers

London summer trends



British people are historically very buttoned-up and, shall I say, dapper. But they were fully letting loose when it came to their pant collection. Baggy jeans, cargo pants, and oversize everything ruled the bottom half of the English folk.


Zara pants have never failed me.

These pants have been on my wish list for weeks.

5. Sheer Separates

Seeing someone in a sheer ensemble will never go over my head. I always take note and inspiration when I see someone dressed in this daring trend. It definitely makes a statement. I'm more than happy to bring this one home with me and try it out for myself.


This is an elevated take on sheer, and I'm all over it.

Just imagine this dress on the beach with your favorite bikini underneath—sold.

6. Denim on Denim

Blue jeans have always been the peak of Americana in my eyes. They're the definition of effortless, and people across Europe have taken note. Seeing British people wearing denim on denim made me smile because this trend is the easiest way for me to get dressed when I'm in a rush.


A cropped denim jacket comes in clutch during the summertime.

Pair the above jacket with a mid-rise skirt—you won't regret it.