These Are the 5 Trends Londoners Are Embracing for Fall

Historically, when speaking about London fashion trends, knowing what chic city dwellers were wearing was as easy as taking a look around a crowded subway carriage. Though as the last few months have totally altered the way we live, work, and socialize, this year figuring out what's trending amongst Londoners has become a slightly more digital affair. While once we used to take inspiration from the stylish women on the tube, at work events, or sitting beside us at our local restaurants, now we're turning to Instagram to see what's in

So what are all your favorite Londoners wearing for autumn? Well, with the current climate how it is, it seems we aren't ready to give up loungewear just yet, though for autumn influencers are elevating the style with the use of tailored pieces and heeled footwear. Trench coats are, unsurprisingly, back again, however, this year's iterations often feature unique colorways. Statement collar blouses are still going strong as one of this season's key trends and influencers are also proving there's no reason your woven tote should be left behind when summer ends. Keep scrolling to see five trends the London fashion set are loving for autumn. 

Statement Collars

This is one of the biggest trends of the season, and women all over London are certainly embracing it. The statement collar has been everywhere on dresses, shirts, knits, and cardigans. Alternatively, you could purchase a detachable version and add it to any outfit of your choosing. 

New Take on the Trench Coat

London Autumn Fashion Trends: Trench Coats



As usual, trench coats are back again for fall. This year's update on the trend, you ask? Investing in interesting colorways or unexpected shades. 

Elevated Loungewear

We've spent a lot of time in our loungewear this year, and for those who aren't ready to part with their joggers just yet, it's all about elevating your favorite pieces. This is a trend we've seen across Instagram, as influencers pair their loungewear with more structured, dressier pieces. 

Basket Bags

Okay, hear us out here. We know basket bags are typically a summer accessory, but this year influencers are proving they are just as appropriate for autumn, too. Lucy Williams, Camille Charriere, and Jessica Skye have all been seen toting Loewe iterations around London recently. We promise you the bag will look just as good with jeans and a cardi as it does alongside your bikini on the beach. 

Skirt Suits

London Autumn Fashion Trends: Skirt Suits



In a trend that is the complete opposite of the elevated loungewear above, after spending months in lockdown, some people are finding any excuse to dress up. Skirt suits provide the ultimate autumnal matching set which can easily take you from professional Zoom meeting to restaurant dinner. 

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This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.