7 Fall Trends That Are Over 40% More Popular Than Last Month

popular fall trends for 2020



As much as brands would like to design pieces based on creative whims, new launches are often inspired by cold, hard data in terms of what will pique shoppers' interest and ultimately sell well. To find out that information, I've found Lyst to be one of the most helpful sources. Sure, I love writing stories centered on French insiders or what the royals are wearing, but I also love tapping into my inner nerd and crunching the numbers. 

Lyst recently unveiled a data drop that outlines the trends that are seeing big spikes in searches compared to the previous month. If you want to really delve into the data, Lyst also provided tons of other insights in the report that are quite illuminating. But if you want a short-and-sweet synopsis, I've got you covered. Scroll down to shop the fall trends that have seen the biggest spikes in online searches month-over-month. 

Sweater Vests: 133% Increase

how to wear a sweater vest



I love how this is styled with a white button-down shirt.

popular fall trends for 2020



Combat Boots: 69% Increase

how to wear combat boots



These boots are one of Nordstrom's top sellers.

I own these boots and I'm obsessed with how sleek and stylish they are. 

Lug-soles are as practical as they are cool. 

These Vince boots are one of the brand's signature pieces that customers love. 

Square Necklines: 47% Increase

popular fall trends for 2020



Yep, I'd also wear this top with high-waisted jeans. 

Oversized Collars: 46% Increase

big collar tops



The statement collar trend is not going away anytime soon, folks. 

Ganni arguably started the statement collar trend, so a piece from the brand is a foolproof bet. 

Chunky Loafers: 43% Increase

The chunkier the better when it comes to loafers.

I'd wear these with high white socks.

Loose-Fitting Trousers: 43% Increase

how to wear baggy trousers



I'm very into the subtle side-slit here. 

Wide-leg trousers will always be in style. 

Have you heard? (Faux) leather is one of fall's biggest trends. 

Leather Bermuda Shorts: 50% Increase

The long shorts trend is here to stay. 

best bermuda shorts