Fashion Girls Love This Pretty Nail Trend—and You Will Too

If anyone knows anything about trends—what looks good, what is worth the investment, what is long-lasting, etc.—it's a fashion girl. They seem to always know the best way to achieve a stylish and effortless makeup and hair routine that just goes perfectly with their aesthetic.

One beauty trend we've been seeing on the fashion set lately that's made us stop and think? Simple and chic light nail colors. You know, the colors that draw just the right amount of attention to the tips of the fingers without being super distracting. And while the light color nail trend has been around for ages, there's a reason why it never goes out of style—it goes with just about every look and season.

So if you're contemplating a new manicure in the next few days or weeks, might we suggest looking to lighter hues? We've rounded up some of our favorites below.



(Image credit: @aysha.sow)

The palest pink is so delicate and pretty. And because it's not that attention-grabbing yet still sophisticated, it's a good option if you want to dress up your nails for a big meeting, presentation, or interview.



(Image credit: @piashah_)

A white manicure just feels so fresh and crisp, whether it's opaque or a milky, translucent finish. It looks good for any time of year, but I especially love wearing one in the hot summer months for an instant cool factor.

Light Blue


(Image credit: @amagodson_a)

Whether it's baby blue, aqua, sky blue—a dose of the hue on your fingertips is a fun way to express yourself with color. And with so many different shades, there's a lot of room to experiment.



(Image credit: @claire_most)

Pale yellow nails are so underrated, yet there's something so happy about them. Definitely wear this color when you're feeling good (or need a pick-me-up).

Light Purple


(Image credit: @alicezielasko)

If you constantly wear light or blush pink polishes and want to change it up, might we suggest switching to a light lavender or lilac? It's still the same delicate, subtle color that you can wear for pretty much any occasion.



(Image credit: @brosiaaa)

We all have a go-to nude polish on standby. You really can't go wrong with one. I mean, when have you ever gotten a nude manicure and regretted it? Mine is Olive & June's MM, it's both creamy and subtle and I love the way it looks with the yellow undertone of my skin.

Light Gray


(Image credit: @missenocha)

Like the light purple and blush pink, whenever I opt for a pale gray, it's when I want to try something different than my go-to nude polish. There are so many shades of gray, too, from the almost-purple to the cloudy hues.

Light Green


(Image credit: @aurencrowe88)

There's mint, jade, lime—why not be experimental when it comes to light green polish? This is another one that's fun to wear if you're wanting to get a little playful with your manicure.

Light Orange


(Image credit: @belleandbunty)

This is another color to me that is just pure happiness. And when you go with a light orange, it's not as in-your-face as a fiery coral or a bold tangerine but still looks so good—especially when it's warm out.

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