These Are the 5 Types of Jeans I'll Wear in 2023, Plus the Styles I'll Toss

I am a bit behind on my annual tradition of a closet clean out at the start of the year, but I'm already preparing mentally for what will be an emotionally challenging affair. You see, I have a deep connection with every item of my clothing. I fondly associate a memory with each thing that I own, and that's especially true with denim. Since denim is so versatile and timeless, my denim drawers are comprised of the most worn items in my closet.

That being said, there are some denim trends that have come and gone as of late. After some difficult conversations with myself, I've gathered the strength to part ways with these trends knowing it will be a few years before they come back into play. (Plus, I'm working with a small NYC closet, so I need the space.) Below, find the five trends I'm bidding adieu to. 

Wearing: Low-Rise
Tossing: Paper-Bag Jeans

I remember when I first started working in fashion, paper-bag jeans were all the rage. They were even more high-waisted than the high-waisted styles everyone was buzzing about. Now, I want nothing to do with a high waistline and am all about the low rise. A trend that people once scoffed at and thought would never take over has even caught my mother's attention.

Shop the trend:

Grlfrnd makes some of the best low-rise denim.

Proof that no one has to know that they're low-rise.

All I'm missing right now is a black pair of low-rise jeans.

Wearing: Loose Silhouettes
Tossing: Ultra Cropped

Lately, all I reach for when I open my closet is a good pair of baggy denim to pair with an oversize sweater of choice. The silhouette may initially sound frumpy, but it can really emphasize the waistline and give off the effortless look we're all after. I'm 100% sold. Overly cropped styles are no longer my cup of tea.

Shop the trend:

This is the pair that I'm currently living in.

Wrangler denim has never steered me wrong.

I might officially have a new favorite pair.

Wearing: Canadian Tuxedo
Tossing: Patchwork



A Canadian tuxedo is highly ranked on my list of things that I want to try. It's been a minute since I've worn denim on denim, but I know that it never fails, especially when I don't have much time to get dressed. Since many people might steer away from an outfit like this, it screams "fashion girl" when you're bold enough to take the chance. Patchwork can take a few years off, IMO.

I love a matching set, and I need this one in my life.

When low-rise gets involved in a Canadian tux, it's right up my alley.

The kind of denim jacket I'd want to pair with every kind of denim in my closet.

Wearing: Dark-Wash
Tossing: Bleached



Dark-wash jeans have taken over. I've been straying away from my lighter washes, especially those bleached styles we used to be all over in 2016. Something feels more elegant and trouser-like about these indigo styles. I believe that French girls would approve.

Shop the trend:

I get so many compliments on my Goldsign dark-wash jeans.

This cropped style is très chic.

You're about to find out how I really feel about denim skirts.

If you're not crazy about the baggy styles but want to get a similar look, these jeans are a great stepping stone.

Wearing: Denim Maxi Skirts
Tossing: Stirrup Jeans



I can't stop wearing maxi denim skirts these days and I always get chased down with compliments when I wear them. They're different than the usual denim that everyone else is wearing but still classic and timeless. This new-to-the-scene trend isn't going anywhere for a few years and I'll be wearing it as much as I can. Stirrup jeans kind of fall into the skinny jeans category, so I'm tossing them.

If maxi isn't your thing, try this one for a similar effect.

If you're new to the trend, here's an affordable take to test drive it with.