3 Legging Trends That Will Disappear by 2021 (and 3 That Will Replace Them)

If you haven't lived nearly every single day this year in leggings or sweatpants, more power to you, but I think it's safe to say that athleisure and loungewear of any kind have officially become the workhorse in our wardrobes. That being said, athleisure brands have really stepped up to the plate to bring their customers new and exciting styles that will make this new at-home lifestyle feel somewhat exciting. So if you're looking to invest in some new leggings that will keep your spirits high in 2021, we have all the styles you need to know about to stay in the loop below. 

I reached out to some of the best athleisure brands in the business including Alo Yoga, Girlfriend Collective, and Year of Ours, for the legging trends that will be in and out come 2021. Below, read up on what the experts from each brand have to say about the legging styles that will reign supreme next year and shop our favorite versions of each. 



Out: Patchwork Leggings

"I absolutely see super patchworked multi-colored leggings taking a step back. I think things will be scaled back and it will all be about solid colors and just well-fitting silhouettes."—Alejandra Hernandez, designer of Year of Ours

In: Flares & Boot Cut Accents

"I see flares and boot-cut accents on leggings being really popular in 2021. I think overall people will be into pieces that can be transitional and even “multi-purpose”. A flared legging can be worn to work out, but also easier to wear with a heeled mule.”—Hernandez

Out: Mesh Cutouts

"Leggings with mesh cutouts or blocking will be making their way out in the New Year. That trend is a thing of the past and revealing less is more."—Danny Harris, co-founder of Alo Yoga

In: Body Shaping & Tonal Leggings

"In 2021, you'll see more lounge and leisure leggings from Alo. It's all about comfortability, but still looking good. Fabric brushing and fleece with soft textures are coming into our leggings. You'll also see more body shaping, compressing, and tonal designs that give a nice contoured look."—Harris

Out: Anything Overly Bold, Printed, or Patterned 

"This year has been overwhelming on so many levels, which has made a lot of us reach for simple, calming pieces when we go to get dressed in the morning. I think anything overly bold, printed, or patterned will not make it through 2021."—Sue Williamson, Girlfriend 

In: "Dressy" Leggings

"Instead, a trend I think we'll see a lot of is a "dressy" legging that can truly do it all. The legging of 2021 will be the ultimate multitasker—comfortable enough to lounge in, strong and stretchy enough to work out in, and sleek enough to feel put together for work (wherever work will be)."—Williamson