10 Trendy Leggings Outfits You Can Wear Almost Everyday

Ah, leggings. The trusty comfort wear that we all constantly turn to when we feel like we have no idea how to dress in the morning. And if you took a look at Chanel's latest runway show, you'd know that leggings are coming back into our wardrobes in a big way. No longer are they just the item we rely on for a lounging around, but they make great additions to daily attire. But If you're looking to figure out how you can get away with wearing a pair with any outfit, then you've come to the right place. I practically live in leggings in the fall and winter and have a plethora of outfit combinations that I rely on to keep not only comfortable but stylish too. 

This year has brought on a lot of fashion upgrades to the cozy trend, like stirrup details and flared or split hems, so there's plenty to work with in the comfort department right now. Ahead, you'll find 11 outfits for when you want to throw on a pair of leggings but feel a little elevated too.

Who said leggings aren't pants? Pairing them with a trendy collar and an oversized vest makes for a very forward look.



It doesn't get cozier than this, does it? Layer up with thick leggings, an oversized blazer, and a blanket scarf tied to keep you toasty.

Nothing like a classic knit and leggings combo. Liven things up with a printed knit and lug-soled boots, which are all the rage right now.



Whether you love to workout or just prefer athleisure, this look is for you.



How classy does this look? And it's an easy combo too, just wear your favorite top and black leggings, and then tie an oversized coat to finish up the ensemble. 



You'll look like the main character in this outfit. If you have a fun sweater in your closet, throw it on over your favorite pair of leggings.

This outfit is perfect for if you want a morning walk or hike but still want to look chic. How good do these Adidas leggings pair with a leather blazer?



Puffer season among us, and pairing a leather version with leggings looks on point. 

You know all the button ups you wore all summer? Pair them with a split legging and classic sneakers and you're good to go.