The Unexpected Thing Kendall Jenner and Cindy Crawford Have in Common

Kendall Jenner and Cindy Crawford already have a lot in common, from being supermodels to photographing Crawford's daughter Kaia Gerber. But they can add another similarity to the list.

Like Crawford, Jenner is now the face of a Pepsi campaign. Jenner stars in Pepsi's new short video where she joins a group of protestors holding signs that say "join the conversation." She smears off her lipstick, stands in front of a line of police, and offers an officer a Pepsi can as the crowd cheers and high fives.

Watching Jenner's video, we can't help but think back to Crawford's own famous Pepsi commercial during the 1992 Super Bowl. In the ad, Crawford stops at a vending machine to buy a Pepsi as two boys look on, but instead of focusing on Crawford, they are enamoured by the new Pepsi can design.

Jenner told WWD that Crawford's ad is her all-time favourite, and it's easy to understand why. Both commercials are about living boldly in the moment, whether at a protest or a gas station, and that's a sentiment we can get behind.

Watch Jenner's new Pepsi commercial below, and see the Crawford-like vibes for yourself.

If you need a refresher of Crawford's own famous Pepsi commercial, take a look at it below.

If you want to see Kendall Jenner twin with another famous face, see her coordinate with Paris Jackson.

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