Kendall Jenner Wears the Ultimate It-Girl Scent, and Now I Do Too


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Like 290 million other people, I follow Kendall Jenner on Instagram. I'm also a beauty editor who considers herself a fragrance connoisseur. So, you can imagine my surprise when I opened Instagram one day to find Jenner posting about a fragrance I'd never tested. 

In the post, she's holding a perfume bottle attached to a keychain, staring moodily into the camera. The caption reads, "We liked each other from the start." My interest was instantly piqued, so I did a little research. It turns out the fragrance is part of a well-known designer accessory brand, which explains why the perfume had a keychain; each bottle doubles as a bag charm. That's cool, but like I said, I'm a beauty editor, so I was more interested in the scent itself. After all, I always want to know what celebrities smell like, and I had the chance to discover that about Jenner. Keep scrolling to see the exact scent Jenner wears and learn why I'm now obsessed with it too. 

Here it is, the Jenner-approved fragrance I'm obsessed with. It's from the brand BY FAR, which is primarily known for its trendy shoes and bags. But, in my opinion, it deserves more credit for its fragrances. They're seriously good. (Don't just take my word for it. Who What Wear's Associate Beauty Editor, Maya Thomas, is also hooked.)

Daydream of a Bingo Queen is fresh, sweet, and slightly herby. It's all thanks to a top note of four-leaf clover accord, a heart note of neroli, and a base note of ambrette. There are also pink peppercorns and orange blossom petals. Together, these notes combine to create something crisp yet cozy. I think the four-leaf clover and ambrette notes are mainly responsible. The former is bright and grassy, and the latter is grounding and warming. 

Aside from the scent and the fact that it doubles as a cool bag charm keychain, there's one thing that sets this fragrance apart from all the rest. It's designed to be refilled, so you never have to repurchase the bottle (ugh, I love a sustainable beauty product). 

The brand sells 3.3 fluid-ounce refills of each fragrance, including the one that Jenner and I love. Each refill has a self-dispensing top that easily refills the bottle without spilling or splashing. Simply insert the mini perfume bottle into the base of the charm, swivel the refill bottle into the neck, allow it to fill until it comes to an automatic stop, and twist to release. Snap the cap back on the charm, and you're good to go. It's brilliant. 


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The best part is that each fragrance and charm set is customizable. On the brand's website, you can combine any fragrance with any color charm. Cool, right? While Daydream of a Bingo Queen is my favorite BY FAR fragrance, the others are just as noteworthy. Keep scrolling to see some other offerings from the brand. 

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Kaitlyn McLintock
Associate Beauty Editor

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