I Tried BY FAR's New Daydream-Inspired Perfume Collection—I'm Hooked for Life


Courtesy of BY FAR

I've had the opportunity to experience some amazing fragrances while working as a beauty editor (not to mention my time as a fragrance novice before beginning my career). Yet I've always considered fragrance to be something that's worn but not seen—the invisible accessory my outfits need to reach their full potential. But what if I told you an accessory brand had completely revamped that idea, creating a way to wear your favorite fragrance on your skin and as a visible part of your outfit? BY FAR, a designer accessory brand founded by sisters Valentina Ignatova, Sabina Gyosheva, and Denitsa Bumbarova, has done just that. It recently launched a line of nostalgia-inducing refillable fragrances meant to be used with stylish bottles that also function as wearable charms. Whether you hang these charms on one of the brand's trendy bags or clip them to your jeans, there's no denying these fragrances are meant to be experienced by more than just your sense of smell.

"We wanted to craft fragrances that would capture our memories and fantasies," BY FAR CMO and co-founder Ignatova says. "To achieve this, we invited three world-renowned perfumers—Fanny Bal, Jean-Christophe Hérault, and Caroline Dumur—to bring our vision to life. Each fragrance oil is handmade in Grasse [a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the South of France that's famed as the cradle of perfumery] and is an alluring testament to the rigorous craftsmanship of these three talented perfumers." Drawing from its heritage as an accessory brand that aims to create beautiful and sustainable products, BY FAR's goal of creating "a revolutionary product that combines craftsmanship, sustainable ingredients, and product design" ultimately inspired the development of its portable and refillable fragrance charm bottles.

In other words, BY FAR created a way for a fragrance to actually be visible, transporting the wearer from private to public spaces simply by attaching the charm bottle to a bag or belt loop in a unique form of self-expression. While the uniqueness of this fragrance line truly does speak for itself through an unmatched combination of style and functionality, it also sets itself apart from others thanks to a dedication to sustainable practices.

BY FAR's approach to sustainability is as simple as it is impactful. "We took our impact into strong consideration and managed to create a truly distinctive product by incorporating smart and innovative processes such as refilling and customization," says Ignatova. Each charm contains a 20-milliliter bottle crafted from 15% recycled glass. Plus, the refill bottles are designed to be 100% recyclable. Additionally, each perfume is formulated without UV filters or synthetic colors and infused with recycled rose essential oils.

Since its launch early this year, BY FAR's Daydream collection has quickly gained recognition as a line to be watched in the fragrance industry. One item in the collection, Daydream of Someone I Knew, was recently named a finalist in the Design & Packaging category of the 2023 Fragrance Foundation UK Awards. BY FAR was also named a finalist in the Newcomer category. At the center of the Daydream collection is an unwavering dedication to offering personalized fragrance experiences with an exploration of identity. In fact, Ignatova sees this line of fragrances as an invitation to be part of the creative experience and process. Now that I've formally introduced you to BY FAR's Daydream collection, keep scrolling to discover a few of my favorite finds. Consider this the gateway to your new favorite fragrances.

Meet BY FAR's "Daydream" Collection

Key notes: Earl Grey tea accord, jasmine absolute, oakmoss

One of the brand's instant best sellers, Daydream Of Someone I Knew, has undoubtedly become one of my favorite fragrances to reach for. Warm and familiar, this perfume evokes happy daydreams with a blend of oakmoss, amber, jasmine absolute, and Earl Grey tea accord. This one also happens to be Ignatova's favorite and, as implied by its charming name, is reminiscent of someone she once knew.

Key notes: Cactus accord, jasmine absolute, sandalwood essence

Those drawn toward dewy and clean fragrances will want to add this to their collection. The brainchild of perfumer Fanny Ball, Daydream of a Splash is formulated from notes of succulent cactus, naked sandalwood essence, and bright jasmine. It's infused with geranium essential oil to encourage peak serenity and relaxation. Like all of the fragrances in BY FAR's Daydream collection, it's also genderless and versatile.

Can't decide which fragrance you're drawn to most? No worries! BY FAR has got you covered with this sample set. With seven mini vials, you can discover each fragrance in the Daydream line, including BY FAR Daydream of Passing Clouds, BY FAR Daydream of a Bingo Queen," and BY FAR Dream of a Rose Garden. Use it to fall in love with each fragrance before stocking your charm bottle with your absolute favorite.

A review of the Daydream collection wouldn't be complete without gushing over the one product that truly sets this fragrance line apart: the Charm Bottle. Available in six vibrant shades (perfect for matching any outfit), this refillable aluminum charm case contains a 20-milliliter 15% post-consumer recycled glass bottle for your chosen fragrance. I love pairing my Emerald Charm Bottle with my Fran Bag in Kraft.

Let's talk sets. This perfume set includes two perfectly curated fragrances (I'll be wearing these layered), two refillable charm bottles, a leather strap, and a silver carabiner clip. This particular set, pictured above, features BY FAR Daydream of Passing Clouds and BY FAR Love Trance. One of my favorite things about these specific fragrances is their versatility. Whether I'm in the mood for the airy freshness of Passing Clouds or the romantic florals of Love Trance, I know I'll look and smell amazing.

Key notes: Rosemary essence, rose essence, rosewood

Want to try a refillable fragrance with a charm bottle? Consider this set. Blooming with fragrant florals, this fragrance is created from a blend of refreshing rosemary essence, rose essence, and rosewood infused with mint essential oil. If you've kept reading this long, you know what to do: Fill up the recycled glass bottle inside the charm and take it with you for a perfume spritz on the go.



Add style to your outfit by attaching your charm bottle with the Daydream collection's Leather Bracelet. I view these as effortless jewelry no matter where you decide to clip them. Offered in both a gold and silver finish, this chain-link bracelet is crafted with supple Italian leather detailing.

With so many options available, it can be hard to settle on just one bracelet accessory. Luckily, you don't have to. BY FAR also offers charm bracelets without a leather strap. I'll never say no to taking a minimal approach to styling my wearable fragrances.