Kendall Jenner Swears by This "Boring" $5 Treatment for Super-Dry Skin


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Kendall Jenner belongs to a dynasty that produced two of the most viral direct-to-consumer beauty lines in modern history: Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty. But Jenner will be the first to tell you that unlike the rest of the Kardashian women, her beauty routine is 100% fuss-free. Sure, when I sit down with the model at an Ulta Beauty store in L.A. to celebrate her collaboration with the just-launched hair tool brand Formawell Beauty, her hair is immaculately tousled, her skin behind a living filter, her lashes defined to perfection, and her lips almost intimidatingly plump. But this is a special day (and the family's resident makeup guru Hrush Achemyan was there to help). By contrast, Jenner's everyday approach to beauty is as relaxed as a day at the beach—so much so, in fact, that when I open my interview by asking her to name her "holy-grail desert island beauty products," Jenner begins listing the supplies she'd bring were she realistically shipwrecked on some abandoned coastline—and I don't have the heart to clarify that I was simply fishing for her current beauty favorites.

"A lash curler?" Hrush suggests from offstage to which Jenner endearingly replies, "No! Who am I trying to impress on a desert island? I wouldn't want to put on makeup if I were on a desert island. I'd be focused on, like, getting out of there."

Jenner doesn't speak the typical beauty guru language of cut creases, chemical exfoliation, and desert island products—though she does have strong preferences when it comes to makeup, hair, and skin. Keep scrolling for Jenner's low-maintenance beauty secrets, including her drugstore skincare essentials, her favorite summer trends, and her top beauty pet peeve.


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What are your holy-grail desert island beauty products at the moment?

Ooh. Well one of them's gotta be sunscreen for sure. For my face, I actually just use the regular sunscreen I use on my body—Sun Bum. All over my body and my face. Then I'd need a hair tie, a scrunchie because you gotta get your hair out of your face. I really like a scrunchie right now, and I never thought I'd say that—I was never into them. But I really like a simple black silk one. They don't dent your hair like a rubber band would. Then maybe… Oh man, what do you need on a desert island? Chapstick. Because you're gonna get dehydrated out there. Chapped lips. And then a water bottle. Water is a beauty product.


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Do you have any beauty pet peeves?

Honestly? Too much makeup on a pretty person. On a pretty girl. I mean, everyone's pretty, so I guess just too much makeup in general. But like, sometimes I'll just see a really beautiful girl and she'll have SO much makeup on. And you're like Why? You're so pretty!

I suppose some faces just take makeup better.

Totally. I mean, I have five sisters who take makeup really well. But like I said, they're very beautiful, and sometimes I see them with so much makeup and I'm like Why? You don't need it. My sisters and I will always be on different pages with makeup. Though I have learned from them to experiment more and get funky sometimes. 


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What's your number one skincare concern and what do you use to treat it?

Acne is definitely one of them, and I use Proactiv. Then I feel like everyone hates dry skin. I hate to be dry. So a really good moisturizer, or even something more hardcore if you need it: Aquaphor is very multipurpose, so I'll use that if I have a patch. 

What is your go-to lazy day hairstyle?

We were talking about scrunchies—maybe pulling it up in a scrunchie because it makes it cuter than just a regular pony. Or a big clip.

Like an alligator clip?

Yes. Whatever those are called. A big one.

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What summer 2019 beauty trends are you loving right now?

Just like that cool-girl style that's happening right now—girls who are wearing not too much and are really glowy. And then maybe like a bright colored eye shadow or a colored liner and nothing else. I think that's really cool.

Are there any trends you're seeing that you would never wear?

Let's see. I'm kind of into everything I'm seeing. I love big eyebrows. I love glossy skin. I'm into all of it. There's not much going wrong right now. 


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If I gave you $25 to shop for beauty products at the drugstore, what would you buy?

I'm really into little tools. I just got these really cheap little peach fuzz razors because I have a stash. Gotta get rid of it. Maybe an eyelash curler and a lash comb. I'm all about my lashes, clearly. They're my biggest thing. I'm wearing Lancôme Hypnôse Drama ($28) mascara right now, and [my makeup artist] Hrush added a couple individual falsies to the ends for today, but normally I just wear mascara. And I do them myself. Because they're too—I'm not complaining—they're too long sometimes. They have good days and bad days, so sometimes I just feel like I need to do them because they need to be tamed.

Amanda Montell
Features Editor
Who's your beauty icon?

Tie among Linda Rodin, Hari Nef, and David Bowie.

Who are your 5 favorite people to follow on Instagram?

@petracollins @katiejanehughes @alwaysjudging @bonnyrebecca @hotdudesreading

What's the beauty essential you can’t live without?

If I have some brow gel and Sisley's Phyto-Lip Twist, I'm good to go forever.

What's your desert island album?

Death Cab for Cutie's Transatlanticism

What's your favorite story?

Game of Thrones's Nathalie Emmanuel looks so achingly beautiful in our feature with her that I think it's gonna have to be that!