I Always Get Compliments on My Eye Shadow—Here's My Ridiculously Simple Routine

So much of why I wear makeup is to help my outside reflect my inside, which, for my bubbly ENFJ ass, means bright, playful colors all over my eyes. Smokey, sultry eye shadow and jet-black flicks of liquid liner are cool and all, but personally, when it comes to eye makeup, I'm going for simple, almost childlike whimsy.

I also don't want to look too Instagram-y or cartoonish, so lately I've been sticking to bright, one-dimensional eye makeup looks that involve just a couple products: bright yellows, oranges, blues, and pinks that require as little time, skill, and product as possible to achieve looks people can't help but compliment.

Below are the colorful cream, liquid, and powder eye shadows that I've been using and loving recently. These products are insanely pigmented but also really easy to apply—so basically foolproof. Compliments guaranteed every time.