"Scrunchie" Underwear Is Now a Thing


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Michelle here again, and as promised previously when I shared the flashy look that’s becoming popular, I’m bringing you another lingerie trend that’s caught my eye. As I was sourcing for a different undergarments story, I came across the below style available at a variety of brands. I’ll cut to the chase and introduce you to a style I’m coining "scrunchie” underwear. As you can see in the product images below, it’s essentially scrunched satin or satin-like material over a string-style waistline.

Earlier this year, we saw a rise in stylish string thongs and high-rise panties, so this seems like the next iteration of the barely there style. I was able to gather a handful of options to highlight the trend and give you a good visual, so whether you’re looking to update your lingerie drawer or simply intrigued by the latest undergarment trend, scroll down to see what scrunchie underwear is all about.

Shop more string-style underwear:

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