This Is How Fashion Girls Are Doing Their Eyebrows Right Now

We're not sure when brow mania as we know it began. Perhaps it was when Cara Delevingne came on the scene with her bushy, fluffy eyebrows that made all of us collectively throw our tweezers in the trash can in haste. Or maybe it was even further back in the 1990s when leading ladies like Winona Ryder and Drew Barrymore somehow convinced us that pencil thin was in. Suffice it to say brows have always played an important part in our beauty routines, and often, observing how other women are wearing their brows can serve as major inspiration.

After a quick survey, a fuller brow is decidedly still the choice du jour among fashion girls. Some of you are blessed with naturally voluminous brows, but for many of us have to turn to a little help from the makeup gods (no shame). Within the bushy-brow genre, as you'll see below, there are approaches ranging from dramatic arches to au naturel to super-pigmented looks. There's a lot going on, and it's time for you to get in on the action. Ahead, see how 10 fashion girls are approaching the full brow right now, and shop the best products on the market to get going on your next strong brow.

Balanced and bold brows are the name of the game for influencer Brooke Testoni. Replicate her look by finishing off your pencil with a clear gel to hold everything in place.

Go for a soft natural look with subtle definition by using a creamy pencil and brush to finish.

Keep things super simple and natural with a low-key gel. Voilà! You're done.

Add a moody, dramatic arch with a volumizing eyebrow gel to help frame your face.

Follow Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth's lead and do a dark, striking brow. Start with a pencil to build a base and finish with a pomade to hold it in place.

Keep things low maintenance with a fluffy natural brow finished with a quick brow brush. 

Go for a defined face-framing brow by adding pigment and volume, like Nnenna Echem did.

Don't eschew a big, sleek shape this spring. Simply employ a good pencil and brow gel you can use day after day.

Skip the gel and just fill in any thinner areas with a pencil for a look like Sheryl of Walk in Wonderland's.

For an everyday brow that feels polished and chic, follow Anna Gray's lead and do a quick brush before heading out the door.

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