Katie Holmes Wore the Sweatpants Trend That’s Suddenly a Thing This Fall

Katie Holmes and her rumored new boyfriend seem to have already nailed the coordinating comfy-chic fall look that's taking center stage this year. Especially, Holmes who paired sweatpants with a white T-shirt, blazer, and sneakers (a Zoom-worthy WFH look if we ever saw one). It's safe to say that we were all feeling sweatpants fatigue earlier this year, and warm summer weather signaled the end of the soft pants movement, but only temporarily. Now that fall has officially started, we're all dusting them off again, as well as possibly investing in some new pairs. But what style to get, you ask? 

When you think of sweatpants, the classic fleece-lined ones probably come to mind, but we've noticed that brands are getting creative with the materials used, and there are lots of joggers made of sweater material popping up on the market as of late. There's no doubt that they look more polished than the fleece kind, which is good news if you plan on wearing them out and about à la our friend Katie Holmes. Hers happen to be a $60 pair from Mango, which are sadly now sold out, but there are plenty of similar ones to choose from. 

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Katie Holmes and new boyfriend



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