Yep, Kate Moss Has Been Wearing This Trend for 14 Years

Quick: What were you were wearing 14 years ago? Is there any chance you'd wear the same thing today? For most of us, the answer would be no, but Kate Moss would likely have a different reply. The supermodel has been wearing her signature skinny scarves for more than a decade, and she seemingly has no plans to stop.

Back in 2004, she was photographed in the front row during London Fashion Week wearing a look that could easily pass for a 2018 outfit—a black tank top, pinstriped trousers, strappy heels, and, of course, a patterned skinny scarf. Flash forward to this month, and Moss wore the accessory with jeans and a sequined jacket. Scroll down to compare the trend over the years and shop skinny scarves for yourself.