This Is the Sports Bra Kate Hudson Would Wear on a Date

Thanks to fashion gurus like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, athleisure has become one of the hottest trends. Gone are the days where leaving the house in leggings or sweats should cause us any fear of being judged by the outside world for not looking polished or put together. On the contrary, you’ll likely find a style-savvy It girl out and about in sneakers and laid-back luxury over a dressy ensemble paired with heels.

Many brands have jumped on the athleisure bandwagon as of late, but one that has been on it from the start of this trend’s trajectory is none other than Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. The line, which launched in 2013, has recently teamed up with CFDA’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer initiative to produce a limited-edition pink seamless outfit in honor of both National Women’s Health & Fitness Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We caught up with the actress and entrepreneur to discuss her latest collab and how she incorporates activewear into her daily attire.



WHO WHAT WEAR: We love that you’ve teamed up with CFDA’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer initiative to launch your new limited-edition pink seamless outfit for Fabletics! What inspired this collaboration?

KATE HUDSON: It comes with knowing people, having friends in the worlds that we have friends in, and then talking about things we can do with each other. This just seemed like a great fit. Our brand is growing at a really wonderful rate, and one of our mantras at Fabletics is “Fashion first.” We want things to be fun and multifaceted, so doing this with CFDA just really felt wonderful.

WWW: Aside from the gym, yoga, Pilates, etc., where else would you wear these pieces?

KH: I think at this point you can just wear them wherever you want to. You know what I mean? If you feel like wearing [activewear] just to take your kids to school, if you feel like wearing it to lunch, if you feel for some reason you want to put it under a top, the bra works great. I feel like these things now just become so versatile. It’s really up to you, who you are, and how you like to dress. 



WWW: Would you ever consider wearing a piece of athleisure wear on a date?

KH: Interesting! Yes, I would; it just depends on what it is. For me, I love our high-waisted black leggings, but they don’t necessarily look like leggings. You work out in them, but they look like you can actually wear them out, so maybe something like that. And then I love our Hudson bralettes; they’re sort of a little bit smaller, and those look really good under things.

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Would you wear a sports bra or leggings on a date? Please tell us in the comments below!

Opening Image: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

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