Jennifer Lopez Just Wore the Skinny-Jean Version of Her Infamous Versace Dress

It was 20 years ago that Jennifer Lopez wore that infamous Versace dress (if you Google those words it's basically all pictures of her) to the Grammy Awards, and the world was never the same. The plunging neckline, the sheer fabric, tropical print, the confidence of the woman wearing it… It was all enough to send the world into a J.Lo frenzy. And you may recall this past September when she surprised everyone and walked the Versace runway at Milan Fashion Week in a new version of the infamous Versace dress, breaking the internet in the process.

Which brings us to yesterday in Miami. For a lunch outing with her family, Lopez made the epic decision to wear the skinny-jean version of the palm-print dress with a matching sheer blouse, tank top, and chunky sneakers. She gives the people what they want, and we'll never tire of a J.Lo Versace palm-print moment. Below, see it with your own eyes (plus every other time she's worn the print) and shop other chic printed skinny jeans in case she's gotten you in the mood to make a statement.


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