This Is How J.Lo Styles Sweatpants for a Coffee Date With Ben Affleck

Sometimes, even Jennifer Lopez needs to just throw on some simple sweatpants, boots, and a sweater and go on a coffee date. The superstar was spotted with her new husband, Ben Affleck, in Santa Monica grabbing a venti Frappuccino. Perhaps a little whipped cream is a trick she's trying to lure the longtime Dunkin' Donuts devotee over to Starbucks? Either way, we're taking notes.

But seriously, if Lopez wears sweatpants to grab a morning coffee, then the laid-back look is fair game for everyone else, too, no matter where you choose to quench a caffeine craving. Unlike J.Lo, however, we'll be saving the Valentino sweater and Brunello Cucinelli hiking boots for our afternoon coffee break. 

Ahead, shop sweatpants, sweaters, and boots that are stylish enough for a daily coffee run. The only decision left is whether make it a grande or a venti.

See How Jennifer Lopez Styled Sweatpants for a Coffee Date



Re-Create J.Lo's Coffee-Date Look

A textured knit looks more interesting with sweatpants than a matching sweatshirt. 

ALO's sweatpants look like they'd be the perfect fit.

H&M's selection of chunky-soled boots is seriously impressive this season.

If the day calls for a turtleneck sweater, is it too cold for iced coffee?

Soft earth-tone sweaters look nice when worn with black, beige, brown, or gray bottoms.  

Beige joggers just seem less… sweaty.

We have a feeling J.Lo would love these special-edition Timberlands. 

Honestly, one can never have too many jacquard sweaters.

In case it's snowing and the drive-through isn't open…