7 Times Jennifer Lopez Broke Outfit Rules and Looked Fabulous Anyway

Is there anything Jennifer Lopez can't do? The 49-year-old singer, actor, and all-around wonder woman is a force majeure on all fronts. Unsurprisingly, the Bronx native has been known to toss the style rule book out the window and embrace her personal taste with abandon, and frankly, it's inspiring us to do the same.

Whether it's posting a photo of herself in a neon pink bikini on Instagram (2.6 million likes and counting) or something slightly more accessible like styling a pair of sweatpants for date night (more on that below), every fashion choice Lopez makes seems to pass with flying colors, even if it's contradicting an arbitrary rule or two.

To see what we mean, scroll down for seven times Lopez disregarded mass fashion advice and wore what she wanted instead. As you'll discover, it works perfectly every single time. And if you feel motivated to apply the same approach to your own wardrobe, we included a handful of shopping picks for each.

The Rule: Don't Wear Sweatpants On a Date

Sure, a matching sweatsuit may not rank high on the "what to wear on a date" list, but somehow J.Lo makes it look polished and cute. Maybe just make sure you're a few dates in before cracking out the ole track pants for a dinner out.

Jennifer Lopez Sweatpants


BlayzenPhotos / BACKGRID

The Rule: Sequins Are For After-Hours

Forget everything you've ever heard about after-hours sequins. Sparkly things should be worn whenever and wherever, as proven by Lopez's powder-blue daytime ensemble.

Jennifer Lopez Blue Sequins


Vanessa Carvalho/Shutterstock

The Rule: Contrast Your Neutral Tones

No need to break up an all-beige look; just keep on layering the neutrals.

Jennifer Lopez Neutrals


Mike Reed/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock

The Rule: No Hats Indoors

Save for religious services and funerals, an indoor (or red carpet) hat is fully acceptable and rather chic.

Jennifer Lopez White Dress Red Carpet


Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

The Rule: Don't Wear Too Many Statement Pieces At Once

Why built an outfit around one statement piece when your entire look is the statement?

Jennifer Lopez Gym Outfit



The Rule: Overalls Are For Kids

Lopez smartly transitions this youthful staple to adulthood with the addition of a button-down shirt and structured handbag. 

Jennifer Lopez Overalls



The Rule: Don't Be Too Matchy-Matchy

Sometimes matching your coat to your blouse to your belt to your shoes is the best thing to do—especially when it's an all-white spring look like this one.

Jennifer Lopez White Coat



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