Jennifer Lawrence Says These Are the 6 Best Travel Items on Amazon

Jennifer Lawrence's Favorite Items on Amazon


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Ever wish you were invited to an A-list celebrity wedding? Well, we found the next best thing—sort of. How about knowing what a celebrity lists on their wedding registry? If you love a hint of voyeurism, you'll be delighted to find out what Jennifer Lawrence would pick from Amazon. The actress teamed up with the retailer to reveal her full registry across all categories, including kitchen, travel, outdoor entertaining, and more.

Yes, we are intrigued by which champagne glasses she would buy—hint: it's these—but we were especially interested in Lawrence's favorite travel items. "I travel a lot for work, and these are a few of the best items I've found over the years to help me arrive feeling refreshed and ready to explore," Lawrence said in a statement. "Don't leave for your honeymoon without them!" Scroll down to see which six items made her list. 

This set includes everything you need for a cozy flight: blanket, eye mask, socks, and a pillowcase. 

This cute cosmetics case promises to be extra durable and resistant against dirt, stains, and water, making it well worth the $40 investment. 

Lawrence's reading method of choice? The Amazon Kindle, naturally. We wish we knew what she was reading, though. 

If you've ever fished out tangled headphones from the bottom of your purse, you know how much of a lifesaver these are. 

If Jennifer Lawrence says you should travel with a GoPro, you probably should heed her advice. In all seriousness, we support her love of the camera that will make fun video memories to keep forever. 

The ultimate practical buy, this colorful adapter will work in 150 different countries. 

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These patches blend in with all skin tones and are perfect for minimizing pimples on a long flight. The patches are made with tea tree oil, calendula oil, and hydrocolloid dressing. 

Name a better white T-shirt—we'll wait. This Hanes version boasts over 2000 glowing reviews and is supremely affordable, so you can pack several tees for any trip. 

This sunscreen is a runaway hit and has racked up thousands of reviews on Amazon as well as Dermstore. Why, you might ask? It's formulated for acne-prone skin and helps calm and protect your skin. As my dermatologist reminded me, you should always wear sunscreen on a plane because UV levels are even stronger. 

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