If They're Not Wearing Jeans, Fashion People in Paris Wear These 5 Items

If They're Not Wearing Jeans, Fashion People in Paris Wear These 4 Items



There are a few wardrobe staples that every Paris-based fashion person I follow seems to wear on repeat. And yes, jeans are undoubtedly one of those essentials. It makes sense given that the perfect pair of blues adds a certain effortlessness to a look—very je ne sais quoi, if you will. But when Parisians aren't wearing jeans, it appears there are a few key items they opt for instead.

The items in question all have the same ease and chicness as jeans but could be worthy options if you want to switch it up from your tried-and-true denim from time to time. Keep scrolling for visual inspiration from fashion people in Paris. There are loads of shopping recommendations coming your way as well.

1. Denim Skirts

What French women wear instead of jeans: denim skirts



The denim skirt reigns supreme among this set as an easy-to-stye option. While the maxi silhouettes are a favorite, shorter styles are also front-runners.

2. Relaxed Trousers

The perfect pair of loose trousers can be just as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans. Plus, they look effortlessly chic when paired with forward basics.

3. Tailored Shorts

What French women wear instead of jeans: shorts



In the summer months, tailored shorts are a go-to for fashion people in Paris, especially when teamed with tanks and tees.

4. Miniskirts

The fashion crowd has been gravitating toward miniskirts throughout the season as a cool and chic option.

5. Denim Shorts

Okay, this might be obvious, but a trusty pair of denim shorts is another go-to instead of jeans for summer.