A French Girl Says You Can Spend a Little on These Trends for an Expensive Look


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Aïda Sané, the creator of @basicstouch, is a French girl we routinely turn to for sartorial guidance. She's perfectly mastered that je ne sais quoi with inspiring ensembles that are equal parts effortless and chic. And while she certainly wears some investment pieces, she often completes her looks with more affordable finds as well.

We thought we'd get further insight into some of the specific items she's gravitating toward that are affordable but look quite expensive. "Even though investing in statement pieces is a good idea, it's always nice to have alternatives—and you don't need to break the bank to look chic and expensive," she said.

Without further ado, keep scrolling to check out the trends Sané recommends for an expensive-looking and fashion-forward vibe.

Knit Polos


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"A polo top is a piece that I love to pick because it's so easy to wear, and it's well known as the ultimate casual, super-chic item. I love when the polo and the sleeves are a bit oversize, and I like to pair it with heels."



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"I feel like I always mention blazers, but blazers are such staples. This is the ultimate item to look expensive without spending too much. It's also my go-to when I don't know what to wear but want to look put together. I always wear a blazer with a neutral tee, and I'm ready to go."

Black or White Midi and Maxi Dresses


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"I think that a long dress is always chic, but when you go for a monochrome long-dress vibe, it gives your silhouette a clean and classy look."

Slim Belts


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"When you want your outfit to look expensive, most of the time, it's those little details that do the most to your look. So for me, adding a slim belt makes such a big difference."

Bonus: "Invest in a steamer. It's life-changing because looking expensive is not always about the clothes but also how you wear them. Ensuring that your clothes are ironed is a must to look clean and expensive."

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