The Coolest Bathing Suit Brands I've Found for Summer

Is it just me or is Instagram the best bathing suit store the internet and the world have to offer? I mean, honestly, out of all the items I buy because someone posted a photo of them, swimwear seems to be the one that always pays off. Plus, with so many under-the-radar swim brands out there, many of which only sell on their own e-commerce platforms, there’s often no other way to learn about them aside from social media.

However, if trolling Instagram all day just to find a bikini sounds like a lot of effort to you, not to worry, as it’s my job. I did all the work to bring you today’s roundup of the coolest bathing suit brands I found on the ’gram, several of which I’ve already placed orders for myself. To see what they are and shop my pick from each, simply continue on below.

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