The 7 Best Insoles for Shoes (Yes, Even Heels)


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Maybe your job entails standing for nine hours straight, or you're planning a vacation where you'll be on foot every day. Modern insole technology has worked wonders to take the edge off of foot pain, and the right pair of insoles can transform even stilettos into genuinely comfortable footwear. To make the most of your current shoe wardrobe (or to justify that upcoming purchase of sky-high boots), here’s our painless guide to seven of the best insoles for shoes.

1. Gel Insoles by Envelop

We love the honeycomb design of these uniquely configured gel insoles, which promote good posture and stability while cushioning both the heel and forefoot.

2. Dr. Scholl's Stylish Step Gel Heel Liners

For those with a closet full of Louboutins, insoles made specifically for high heels are essential. The shape of these insoles is ideal for a range of styles and offers extra support for the ball of the foot.

3. FootScientific Arches Orthotic Shoe Insoles

FootScientific's insoles provide varying levels of support depending on your arch type. Type 2 is best suited to neutral arches while Type 1 ($60) supports flatter feet. Type 3 ($60) is best for more pronounced arches. 

4. FitMyFoot Insoles

If you’re looking for the most top-of-the-line insoles, few products can compete with the specificity or aesthetics of FitMyFoot. Simply download the app, snap a few pictures of your feet, and get your custom 3D-printed insoles in record time. You can also order full-length and three-quarter length insoles.

5. ViveSole Orthotics

If you suffer from foot pain regularly insoles, can be a dream come true. Some of the best insoles for shoes come from ViveSole, whose inserts are ideal for flat feet and high arches.

6. Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles

Ideal for flat sneakers and slip-ons, these insoles offer a durable foam base and flexible arch support for a broad range of shoe styles and foot shapes. These also provide additional heel and arch support to ease discomfort from plantar fasciitis.

7. High Heel Inserts by Vivesole

These gel insoles are made from lightly textured silicone so they're both flexible and slip-resistant. An added bonus is that they’re clear, making them an ideal fit for a range of heeled dress shoes and boots.

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