The One Boot Trend That's Worth Investing In Season After Season

While we love discovering the biggest trends of the moment, shopping for the newest It boots every winter can be unsustainable (emotionally, fiscally, and environmentally). This is why it’s so important to invest in winter boots that last for multiple winters, help you lower your wardrobe’s carbon footprint, and hone in on your personal style. Of course, there is something thrilling about adopting a new trend, as our tried-and-true winter staples can feel tired at times, but shopping smarter doesn’t mean just buying black boots. There are other “neutral” boot options that stand the test of time—snakeskin boots being one of them. 

Snake-print boots are perfect for when you need to inject a little “pop” into any fall or winter ensemble. But if you’re not sold yet on the versatility and longevity of this boot style, keep reading. We’ve collected 14 ways to pair snakeskin boots with winter outfits. These ensembles prove that snake-print boots are totally a neutral wardrobe staple in the minds of the fashion set.

Knee-High Boots + Teddy Coat + Knit Bustier + Leather Shorts
how to wear snakeskin boots



While simple brown or black boots may seem easier to style at first, snakeskin boots really allow you to add a bit of texture to any look. Just pair them with your favorite coat, bustier, and leather shorts and watch how they make the look. 

Knee-High Boots + Slip Dress + Leather Trench Coat
how to wear snakeskin boots



When it comes to styling snakeskin boots, you can’t go wrong with pairing them with your go-to slip dress and a leather trench coat. It’s a look that will always be stylish, no matter what’s in for the season.

Ankle Boots + Blazer + Pleated Skirt
how to wear snakeskin boots



Another simple way to style your snakeskin ankle boots is by pairing them with a skirt suit on warmer days. Simply whip out your favorite blazer and a pleated skirt for the perfect look to wear to the office.

Ankle Boots + Turtleneck + Tonal Suiting
how to wear snakeskin boots



Afraid that snakeskin boots are a little too extra for your taste? The simplest way to style the print is to pair it with hues within the same color family—e.g., the ensemble above. You’ll be on-trend, as tonal tailoring took over fall/winter 2021’s runways.

Ankle Boots + Sweaterdress + Oversize Coat



If you’re into bolder looks, the simplest way to let your snakeskin booties speak for themselves is by buying them in a bright hue. Try styling them with neutrals; it’s a statement look for the books.

Boots + Blazer + Sweater + Jeans



Reminder: These boots are meant to be a wardrobe staple. Don’t just think of them as a fun statement piece. They can be worn day in, day out with your most beloved jeans and sweaters.

Boots + Oversize Coat + Tank + Black Trousers



The best thing about snakeskin boots is that you can wear them with basically everything you already own. Throw on your favorite tank, black trousers, and a black coat and you’re ready to conquer the world.

Knee-High Boots + Sweater + Puffer Coat + Jeans



Snakeskin boots aren’t just for warmer days. In fact, we highly encourage you to pair them with a puffer coat, jeans, and a sweater and watch how many compliments come in.

Boots + Turtleneck + Maxi Skirt



Snakeskin boots aren’t just made for the prime fall and winter days. They can be worn well into the spring. Just look to this outfit for inspiration—a brisk spring day calls for a turtleneck, a maxi skirt, and snakeskin boots.

Boots + Printed Blazer + T-Shirt + Jeans



Not only are snake-print boots seasonless, but their styling possibilities are also endless. Don’t be afraid to go bold and style them with other printed pieces. If you’re worried about having too much happening, try taking notes from the look above, and opt for a printed blazer, jeans, and a T-shirt. It’s the perfect way to mix patterns without going overboard.

Ankle Boots + Sweatshirt + Blazer + Jeans



We all have those days where the prospect of getting dressed can be grueling. Luckily, snakeskin boots are here to save the day. Throw on some jeans, a hoodie, a blazer, and your boots and you’ve got an outfit that looks like you tried even if you are tired.

Ankle Boots + Sweater + Slip Skirt + Crossbody Bag



Name more iconic wardrobe staples than a chunky sweater, a slip skirt, and snakeskin boots. It’s a dynamic pairing that we promise you’ll wear on repeat.

Knee-High Boots + Sweater + Vest + Leather Pants



Without a doubt, the fashion set loves two things: leather pieces and snakeskin boots. So it only makes sense to pair the two together this winter. Whether you opt for traditional leather pants or leather Bermuda shorts, styling them with your snakeskin boots, a sweater, and a vest is a surefire way to look good all winter long.

Boots + Satin Dress + Clutch Bag



By now, you hopefully have concluded that snakeskin boots really are that staple piece. Pairing well with everything from jeans to dresses, they can do it all. Heck, they can even make a cameo at upcoming festivites by being paired with any kind of statement dress. Truly, these boots are the gift that keeps on giving.

The snakeskin tip on these booties is too good.

Another great pair without heels.