Truth: This Is How Often You Should Get Fitted for a Bra

Bra shopping is one of those annoying tasks that we know we need to do, but always put off. It’s uncomfortable and not to mention cold (all that undressing?), but unfortunately, necessary. As it turns out, we’re all making the same mistakes when we do inevitably bite-the-bullet and shop for undergarments.

Let’s start from the beginning—we wear a bra for support, but how do you know if you’re actually getting the support you need? In order for you to feel great, your outfit to look great, and to keep your breasts from sagging, a well-fitted bra is essential.

To help us gain a better understanding on the mistake we all make when bra shopping, we spoke to Marie Savvas, the owner and mastermind behind lingerie brand Palindrome to find out how to fix it. Read on!


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“For a piece of clothing that most of us girls wear daily, I’m surprised at the oversights women make when shopping for a bra—I’m adamant bra education should be taught in high school!

In my world, a ‘fit bit’ is called a tape measure. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting professionally fitted biannually, yes every six months due to fluctuation of sorts. It is estimated that 85% of Australian women wear the incorrect bra size and judging on personal experiences when fitting, this appears to be an accurate statistic. Know your size!  Don’t buy the sizes you think you are, buy your actual size, sorry to break it to you; you’re probably not a 12B!

If you can’t get out there to get professionally fitted, we have a fit calculator for anyone wanting to self-measure, so you always get it right (especially helpful when shopping online).

Another mistake I see women make, is not trying the bra with clothing over the top. When trying on, make sure you check to see if the shape is giving you a nice silhouette under your clothing, the cups should be ‘cupping’ your breasts, not gaping or cutting in. The back band should not be loose or too tight—these are all bra faux pas identifiable under clothes so be mindful of that.”—Marie Savvas

Use the Palindrome fit calculator then shop these bras!

These side straps are made to be seen. Wear under a loose, white tank.

This soft triangle bra is perfect for wearing under a crisp white shirt.

Every girl needs a fun and sexy bra in her collection.

A nude bra is like the LBD of undergarments.

Mesh panels and satin make this a fashion-forward choice.

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