Have a Bigger Bust? These Are the Best (and Most Comfortable) Bras

Best bras for large busts



Any woman with a larger chest knows she’ll come across a handful of sartorial challenges here and there. Whether you’re searching for button-downs that won’t gap between the buttons to finding flattering cocktail dresses, there are a lot of things to think about. More likely than not, if you’ve gone through the long process of trying a seemingly infinite number of bras that claim to provide support and comfort (and let’s not forget about style), chances are you don’t want to go through it again. Luckily, with the help of real women like yourself, you won’t have to. To save you a little time, we pulled together a list of the most popular lingerie brands shoppers can’t stop raving about. Scroll down to see them all…


Rating: 4.5 stars

Reviews: 1234 on Nordstrom

"Recently I went into the store for a bra fitting, and this particular style was recommended. The fit is perfect, and it reduces the appearance of my size (38D). The lining is also just perfect." — Nordstrom customer

"This is the best bra I've bought in many years. The fit is great, and the DDD doesn't make me look chest heavy." — Bloomingdale's customer

Rating: 4.3 stars

Reviews: 290 on Nordstrom

"I wear a 34DD or DDD. I ordered 34DD and it fits perfectly. It provides a smooth and full cover without padding. Perfect smooth fit for under a thin white T-shirt." — Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.5 stars

Reviews: 252 on Nordstrom

"I love everything about this bra. I’ve had such a hard time finding comfortable bras at 34DDD. This one does not dig in or give your breasts an unnatural shape. I’d love to have one that the straps can cross in the back for tanks tops." — Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.6 stars

Reviews: 1666 on Nordstrom

"This has become my go-to daily bra, in both black and beige. I'm a 34E, and it provides the support, lift, and coverage I like, but it's also comfortable and sexy. I'm a huge fan of Chantelle bras." — Nordstrom customer

"If your girls are large, this bra does an excellent job of holding everything in place. I hate adding the bulk of a lined or padded bra; no worries here. Been wearing this style for years." — Bloomingdale's customer


Rating: 4.5 stars

Reviews: 464 on Nordstrom

"This is a super simple and sexy bra. I wear a DD cup, and this gave me a really nice lift without much padding or pushup. I wear it all day and don't even feel it. Perfect T-shirt bra that gives me a nice round shape." — Bloomingdale's customer

"This bra provides the perfect support and fit. I ended up ordering another one in a different color. I also believe the fabric is of good quality." — Nordstrom customer

"This is a super simple and sexy bra. I wear a DD cup and this gave me a really nice lift without much padding or pushup. I wear it all day and don't even feel it." — Macy's customer

Rating: 4.6 stars

Reviews: 3537 on Nordstrom

"I was beyond excited when I saw that the beloved Natori Feathers bra was available in my size, 34G! I ordered it in black and am very pleased with it. Having a bigger bust, it's hard to find a bra that is supportive, sexy, and modern." — Macy's customer

"This bra has no push up padding and it still gives support and a lift… You really gets your moneys worth." — Bloomingdale's customer

"This is a really nice bra. I have an issue with underwire digging into my sides and because this bra is so light, I don't have that issue with this one. The fabric is thin but still provides enough coverage that nothing shows through. I am a 32DD and it was enough coverage for me, and doesn't seem to show through shirts so far." — Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.3 stars

Reviews: 414 on Amazon

"All around, this is a great bra! It's soft, comfortable, and supportive. And it comes in my hard-to-find size, 32DD; yay! I typically don't wear lined/padded bras anymore, but couldn't resist this one." — Bloomingdale's customer

"Probably the most comfortable bra I've ever worn! Beautiful detail and soft nylon, I feel like I'm wearing nothing at all. 36C and support is perfect—no gaps or back fat. Worth ever penny! Will get other colors! Go for it; you won't be disappointed." — Macy's customer

Rating: 4.6 stars

Reviews: 1129 at Nordstrom

"Great for busty ladies! I wear a 32G, and it fits likes a dream. So soft and comfortable, too." — Nordstrom customer

"I'm a 34DDD, and it's tough to find comfortable bras, but this bra is my go-to daily bra. Surprisingly lightweight, good support, and a nice shape for my bust. It's also nice to find pretty details. Thanks!" — Bloomingdale's customer

"I'm a curvy 36DD who previously only wore Victoria Secret, so I was a little hesitant. This bra is worth the money. Provides support and is so comfortable you forget you have one on." — Macy's customer


Rating: 4.3 stars

Reviews: 6634 on Amazon

"Incredible bra! I'm 130 pounds, 5 foot 9, and a 32DD all-natural. Bra has boning on the back and that sticky lining. Stays put and doesn't move; best one I've ever had." — Nordstrom customer

"I've always wanted to own a strapless bra but doubted one could ever offer the support I need. I normally wear a 34DDD in other Wacoal styles and am happy with the fit." — Bloomingdale's customer

"This bra provides excellent coverage, lift, and doesn't slip or move when I move. I'm very happy with this purchase!" — Macy's customer

Rating: 4.5 stars

Reviews: 486 on Nordstrom

"I'm a 32 DDD and Wacoal is true, tried and tested. Super supportive, doesn't stretch out quickly and with the lace detail, reasonably cute. This is a bra you can rely on to fit well, look good under t-shirts and hold everything up. Like way up." — Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.7 stars

Reviews: 1438 on Nordstrom

"It's so good to find a bra that fits perfectly. I wear 36G. I would have liked the straps to be wider though." — Macy's customer

"This Wacoal bra is beautifully stitched and flatters my 36D, 68-year-old figure while providing support and comfort." — Nordstrom customer

Rating: 4.6 stars

Reviews: 2758 on Nordstrom

"I purchased this bra three weeks ago to see if I liked its fit and comfort. I have since purchased four more! I previously had a problem with my bra straps constantly slipping off my shoulders, and nipples showing through other bras. This is the best fitting, and most comfortable bra I have ever owned." — Nordstrom customer

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