The 30 Best-Selling Bralettes at Shopbop, Nordstrom, and Amazon

Best bralettes to shop online


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Any woman knows that shopping for everything from lingerie to shapewear can be a struggle, and this process has only become a bigger undertaking with more of our shopping experience taking place online rather than in stores. So how exactly does someone find the best bralettes to buy when you can't try them on first? In an effort to take the guesswork out of finding the best bralettes, we combed through the most popular bralettes recently purchased by Who What Wear readers around the world. Your new favorite bralette is just a few clicks away.

Best Bralettes at Shopbop

Reviewer Highlight: "My favorite bra that I've ever owned. Both the material and fit are extremely comfortable."

Editor Highlight:  The true test of a bralette's popularity is if it sold out, and the classic white version of Calvin Klein's bralette was one of our best sellers. Don't fret, though—this black version of the same style is still up for grabs. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I wanted a bra for sleeping because I am newly pregnant and need support overnight. This is very comfortable and gives just a little bit of support without being too tight."

Editor Highlight: Per its reviews, this bralette's spandex blended fabric makes for a breathable, cozy experience, no matter your cup size. 

Reviewer Highlight: "Love this bra. It's cozy, fits well, and looks amazing. I only wish the straps were placed differently—it tends to bulge around the arms, but this problem is not noticeable under a top."

Editor Highlight:  We (and our readers) also love bralettes that can be worn under a T-shirt or as a bra top.

Reviewer Highlight: I love wearing this under my sheer tops. Very soft and good fabric. Definitely needed as a basic."

Editor Highlight: Love this bralette? Make sure you size up if you're looking for a more supportive bralette rather than a compression one. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I have been looking for a bralette to provide a bit more coverage when wearing dresses/tanks with a looser fit at the arms (so as not to reveal my bra). This was perfect. I am a 32G, and the medium works for me. I wear it over my regular bra, as it offers very light support on its own."

Editor Highlight: The best bralettes meld comfort and function, and there's a good reason this bralette is one of our best sellers.

Best Bralettes at Nordstrom

Reviewer Highlight: "This is my first time trying any Skims products, and I am pleasantly surprised. For reference, I am a 32DD, and I typically wear a medium in everything, and a medium in this bralette fits perfectly. This bralette is so comfortable and perfect for lounging around the house and sleeping in."

Editor Highlight: What makes this bralette a must-have (besides its label) is that it is available from XXS to 4X and comes in 14 colorways. 

Reviewer Highlight: "A bralette that doesn't show! Comfortable, pretty, and feminine. After having a lumpectomy with axillary nodes removed, I was advised that during chemo, radiation, and beyond, it was best to keep my lymph system as un-stressed as possible (e.g., they didn't like underwire bras). Finding bralettes that have a back closure and a low-cut front is hard. This one is perfect! Also, love the racer-back option."

Editor Highlight: Looking for a risqué bralette? Look no further than this wireless lace bralette that can fit sizes 30A to 42C.

Reviewer Highlight: "I like this bra so much that I just ordered three more! This is the most comfortable bra I've ever worn, including sports bras! The padding is just enough, and I like that the pads do not come out so that they stay in place. The straps were stretchy enough to stay where they were supposed to stay instead of raising up, as I've experienced with other bras. I usually wear a 34B, and the small fits perfectly."

Editor Highlight:  The reviews don't lie; this is one of the best bralettes you can find for everyday wear. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I've been looking for a super soft, comfortable bralette since having my lumpectomies. This one is perfect in every way. It is stretchy but supportive of such a soft fabric. I am a 36 DD and got large. The sizing was accurate for me. I love the wide band because I 'stay put' and don't hang out below it as I did with other bralettes I have tried. I just bought two more."

Editor Highlight: Need a bralette that offers a little more support? This one is perfect for anyone with a smaller bust.

Best Bralettes at Amazon

Reviewer Highlight: "Not only super sexy but super comfortable! The lace is nicer than expected, and the bras are lined with a soft mesh, so it's still comfortable. The straps are adjustable and are much sturdier than I would have expected. With other bralettes, I have experienced bad sewing jobs and the straps coming unsewn—which is super frustrating. But that is not the case with this bra."

Editor Highlight: You'd never guess this pretty lace bralette was from Amazon.

Reviewer Highlight: "Absolutely in love with these bras. They're incredibly lightweight as they have no padding. They do have a very fine mesh lining which offers some really nice compression for light workouts. I hate bras for the most part, but these are so comfortable and soft and they fit so well that I rarely even realize I'm wearing them." 

Editor Highlight: This simple bralette is perfect for everyday use—from working out to wearing it under your go-to T-shirt while running errands. 

Reviewer Highlight: "When I first ordered this, I thought I'd try one and see. The price was certainly right. Since I'm working from home at the moment, I thought I could change into something more supportive easily enough if this became too uncomfortable. So I put it on in the morning and then completely forgot about it until bedtime. It's so comfortable that I didn't even know I was wearing it. And it looks great under clothes." 

Editor Highlight: Affordable, cute, and great for larger cup sizes? No wonder this is one of the best bralettes, according to our readers. 

Reviewer Highlight: "Super comfy, fits smaller than regular size, and stretchy but not super stretchy. Not very supportive of anything beyond relaxing (depends on breast size) but wouldn't suggest working out in them unless doing something more static." 

Editor Highlight: This classic but straightforward bralette was a crowd favorite and has been purchased over 700 times so far this year.

Reviewer Highlight: "Great quality, and I love it! The lace on the outside makes it cute, and the cotton lining makes it very comfortable."

Editor Highlight:  Flattering and functional? It's a keeper. 

Best Bralettes at Free People

Reviewer Highlight: I have struggled for years to find not only a bra that's comfortable and fits appropriately—something I can feel sexy in and coordinate with my off-the-shoulder tops. I currently have this bra in five different colors; it allows my chest not to sag at all, which is a big deal because I wear a 38DD. I have never been happier with a purchase!" 

Editor Highlight:  A common misconception about bralettes is that they're only available for smaller busts. But this cute Free People bralette was a crowd favorite among our readers and just so happens to go up to size XL. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I've been interested in purchasing this bralette for a while; it's really comfortable and provides a well-balanced blend of lift and support. I love how this fits me and how supportive it is."

Editor Highlight: Clearly, you all love a classic cotton bralette just as much as we do.

Reviewer Highlight: "This just fits me perfectly. I ordered a medium, and I'm a 34D, and it was just the right fit. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also very comfy and hold the girls just right. This is a very elegant and nice bralette. Highly recommend this."

Editor Highlight: This bralette was our readership's favorite from Free People. Frankly, we're not at all surprised because it's so pretty and available in 10 colorways. 

Reviewer Highlight: "Comfortable, beautiful, and supportive—this bra is great!  I already own one in pink and black, and I am planning my next purchase!! It's great for high and low-impact workouts."

Editor Highlight: The best bralettes can be worn when working out or spending a lazy day on the couch. This one can do just that.

Reviewer Highlight: "I absolutely love this bralette. It is so lightweight and feels like I'm wearing nothing. I also feel very sexy in it. Note, though, I have a relatively small chest, and I don't know that it would offer the best support for everybody."

Editor Highlight:  Love this bralette as much as our readers? Be sure to size up, as it runs a bit smaller.

Best Bralettes at H&M

Reviewer Highlight: "Fits great, just a little bit tight. If you have a bigger bust, I recommend you size up."

Editor Highlight: Bralettes aren't just limited to the bedroom—this bralette made with stretchable fabric is perfect for working out. 

Reviewer Highlight: "Comfortable and perfect fit. For context, I ordered the 34C, which was true to size." 

Editor Highlight: If you love how you look in push-up bras but want the comfort of wearing a bralette, then this is the best option for you.

Reviewer Highlight: "Literally the best, most comfortable bra to be made in the history of nursing bras. I just had my fifth baby, so I've had such a wide assortment of bras. The longline length of the bra makes it so the bra doesn't bunch up under your boobs and get sweaty, and the material and comfort are just amazing! I will be buying more."

Editor Highlight: This multifunctional bralette takes the title of fan favorite from H&M for mothers everywhere. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I bought one pack of bra tops and tried them for a week—I ended up ordering two more packs! They're by far the best bras I've ever had. They're comfortable, non-see-through, and stretchy."

Editor Highlight: You can't beat this price!

Reviewer Highlight: "The fabric has just enough stretch to be comfortable while providing support with the padding. Recommend!" 

Editor Highlight: Our readers have a knack for finding affordable pieces that look luxe, and this best-selling bralette is no exception.

Shop More Bralettes We Love

Reviewer Highlight: "It is my favorite bralette to wear. Super cute as well. Very soft and comfortable."

Editor Highlight: This bralette has side boning, so you know it's as comfortable as it is supportive.

Reviewer Highlight: "I was hesitant to buy a bralette because my size is usually 38H-38I, so I figured that if I got one that wasn't too expensive (in a 3X), it wouldn't do much for me. But this bra supports me so well that I feel comfortable leaving the house in it—it's my new favorite bra. 

Editor Highlight: You can shop this bralette in 22 colorways from sizes XS to 4X. 

Reviewer Highlight: "This bra is extremely comfortable like I'm not wearing one! It's gorgeous, well-made, and flattering, and I love the pink color! I'm a 36DD, and this bra is true to size and provides enough support. Very well made, love it!"

Editor Highlight: With over 45 versions of this bralette bought by our readers, this bralette takes the title for the best from Lively. Plus, it's perfect for anyone with a D cup size or bigger.

Reviewer Highlight: "This bralette holds my girls in place and looks good underneath a T-shirt. Perfect for working from home and everyday life."

Editor Highlight: We're pretty sure this will be a best-selling bralette among our readers.

Reviewer Highlight: "The fabric is so soft and comfy. Has a great smoothing effect, and I completely forgot I was wearing it. Can’t wait to buy more!"

Editor Highlight: Harper Wilde is a female-founded, sustainably minded lingerie brand worth shopping for. 

Reviewer Highlight: "I love this bra so much!! The design is adorable, and I love the support on the sides that the bra gives you. Sooooo comfy without sacrificing looking hot."

Editor Highlight: And just like that, we've proven that the best bralettes can be shopped online.

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