We Found the Best Sports Bras for Large Busts, According to Customer Reviews

It's true: Having a good array of workout wares makes working out so much easier—and way more comfortable. Sure, that five-mile run might not seem so appealing, but the feeling of accomplishment that'll come after you're done (plus the fact that your running shoes make it feel like you're walking on a cloud) is reason enough to get out the door. A good pair of sweat-wicking leggings—bonus if they transition from barre class to brunch in seconds—is another sporty essential that has the power to get you up from the couch and sprinting lakeside.

Which leads us to today's focus: sports bras, and, more specifically, the absolute best sports bras for large busts. There definitely isn't a one-size-fits-all type of bra, as everyone prefers something different in terms of support, strap width, and back design. Ladies with bigger busts are going to like what they see below. How do we know? Real women wrote some pretty great testaments about them. According to reviews, the sports bras below offer amazing support, good coverage, and most importantly, a high level of comfort.

1. Zella Studio Lite Longline Bra

"I can't imagine finding one thing wrong with this sports bra. In fact, I have never found much wrong with any of Zella's products. I am size 12/14 with a 40DD chest. I ordered the Xlarge only because I don't like the wrestling match with size large sports bra. Not only does this one go one easily but it fits perfectly without squishing the girls. They're happy, I'm happy, and we all should be happy for Zella." — Ilovespain

2. Glamorize High Impact Wonderwire Sports Bra

"I wear a 38G, so that's what I ordered. The bra fits perfectly. It's supportive, provides full coverage, and cuts down on bounce dramatically. I'm very active, and the bra holds me up on the elliptical and sprinting and everything else. I couldn't be happier. The material is strong, and the fit is comfortable. I don't have any problems with the material rolling or puckering. This would suggest to me that those reviewers who have experienced that may have ordered the wrong size." — J. Rise

3. Girlfriend Collective Paloma Sports Bra

"I tried on the XL in-store, which I thought fit me, though the band was loose, but the color I wanted was only available in an L, and I'm glad I went with it! The fabric is stretchy and compressive, so if you're leery about your bust size, not fitting give the smaller size a shot. (For reference, I'm a 36 DD.) Nice and thick! I don't know if I'd do HIIT in it, but definitely enough support for yoga or weight-lifting." — StemFemme

4. Freya Active Underwire Sports Bra

"Second time buying this sports bra. I'm a 34 DDDD and do a lot of high-impact activities. Girls are properly supported. Straps are comfortable and don't slip." — valueq

5. Nike Swoosh Sports Bra

"This sports bra is very comfortable. I wear a 34 D bra and fit into a size small. It comes with removable patting and feels like it would support me while I run." — Firstnamecomma

6. Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra

"I've only had the bra for a week, and hands-down, it's best sports bra ever. I'm in an H-cup and have been working out in some form or another for 15 years. I'd never found bras that could support me, look cute, and feel comfortable. This bra hits on all three points. I did the jump-and-jog test, minimal movement. Downward dog and no boob in my face. I'll keep testing it over the next few months, and if it stays up to code, I'll be buying quite a few more." — Frankie40

7. Core 10 All Around Sports Bra

"I really like this bra. I use it for yoga practice and weight training. The fabric is very nice and even at my size(36H), it has good coverage. Bra is very similar to the Reebok Meet You There top, but with no side exposure. This is a light support bra, and I purchased the XL." — Amazon customer

8. Syrokan Sports Bra

"My fellow big-busted sisters know the struggle for a sports bra. To find a sports bra that offers support, doesn't kill your shoulders, minimizes jiggle, doesn't create an armpit bulge, or doesn't make you want to die with the amount of boob sweat—we've all been there. As a 36H, I was pretty resigned to paying $80+ for decent bras I can only wear for a few hours before my shoulders and neck beg me to take them off. This sports bra is a GAME CHANGER, and at a great price! The dual straps/back design don't kill my shoulders and it actually FITS… I'll absolutely repurchase because this is honestly the holy grail of sports bras for me, and at a price where I can afford multiple bras!" — J

9. Wacoal Contour Underwire Sports Bra

"I really like this bra. As a 38DDD, bras tend to dig in my shoulders and ride up in the back. This does neither. I don't like underwires but need one, and this is the best." — Brenda53

10. Elomi Energize Sports Bra

"I'm 67 years old and a 40DD bra size. One of the first things I do when I know I'm home for the night is lose the bra. Well, I had no desire to take this one off, so I kept it on, slept with it on, and the only reason I took it off the next morning was to shower and put on a clean one. I'm a fan of the retro-chic model for its support, but this one will look much smoother under some of my sheerer blouses." — pureculture1

11. Le Mystere Active Balance Underwire Sports Bra

"Bra number 4 just bought. I mean, it's perfect. I wear it on a daily, and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. The band is a little larger." — ABrklyn

12. Yianna Sports Bra

"I'm very heavy-chested, and it's hard finding a sports bra that fits me and really cute, not plain. This is perfect. Fits just like it's supposed to, and I love how the straps crisscross. It's unique in design, and black is my favorite color, so this has become my favorite bra." — Rachel Mcghee

13. Natori Dynamic Contour Underwire Sports Bra

"I have a large rib cage so an underwire bra becomes uncomfortable by the end of the day. The underwire in this bra is perfect in its placement. The stretchy band under the cup makes this the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. I typically wear a 34DD or 34 DDD, I needed the DDD cup in this style. When I order another, I would order a 32 DDD as the band does stretch by the next wearing. The cups are very smooth, the very light pad does not add bulk, only comfort." — Noniep

14. Nike Victory Compression Bra 

"FINALLY a sports bra that fits perfectly, is comfortable to wear and provides great support. Nike for the win! Will buy more." — Julie Sage

15. Adidas Ultimate Zip Front Sports Bra

"I am a F cup size so it’s hard to find supportive sports bras, never mind in cup and band sizes! This bra has no underwire (which didn’t really matter to me) and is super supportive. There are two hooks under the zipper which help keep things together while you zip. I had trouble zipping the first time, but no issues since. The bra does roll up a little at the bottom because I have a little upper belly roll but I don’t even notice it. I immediately recommended the bra to my sister and a few friends who have issues finding supportive sports bras for plus size women. I will definitely be ordering another one, and the price is definitely worth it." — Ash094

16. Glamorize Elite Performance No-Bounce Cami Wirefree Sports Bra

"Some reviews said to buy a cup size up—I bought one in my normal cup size and one up, but prefer my normal cup size. The one-cup-up bra puckers a little in the heart area. I love the piece of fabric that covers the cleavage. No one's looking in downward dog, of course, but this is more comfortable for me because I like lower V-neck T-shirt for yoga. This is my new go-to low to a medium-impact sports bra. I can't wear it all day, though, because the stitching on the interior of the body band below the cups is raised too high and rubs against sensitive skin. Good for yoga; they must take it off. For high impact, I'll probably stay with the Ennel bra: true workhorses for large cup sizes, and they last FOREVER!" — FayeonBooks

17. Champion Spot Comfort Full-Support Sport Bra

"Love the Champion sports bras! Best ones for my big-busted self to run in, especially when I ran for 7+ miles. No chafing; just good support for the girls!" — Natasha Stubby

18. Syrokan High-Impact Workout Sports Bra

"I wear a 38D, and this bra is awesome! The cushioned straps are comfortable and don't dig in, the dry-wick fabric keeps you from getting a pool of sweat in your cleavage, the bottom band is tight but not pinchy, and even with jumping up and down, there's little to no bounce. Downward dog without your girls hitting you in the chin. Cardio with confidence. The only negative is that the sides up to where the straps begin do cut in a little bit, but they don't pinch or chafe. When you're big-busted, you know that this is fairly normal, and this is the least amount I've experienced since the girls made their appearance 24 years ago. Big-boob ladies, rejoice! We've found a good and affordable sports bra." — Erika Green

19. Core 10 The Dare Devil Sports Bra

"This is one of those items that's absolutely fantastic. If you're going to spend on a sports bra, the Core 10 Women's Icon Series is an excellent choice. The quality of the material provides supreme full-coverage support, and is easy to slip on and take off with its four-way stretch. There's no spilling out of this bra, and it keeps everything in place during intense athletic activity. Instead of buying a bunch of cheap sports bras that don't last, the Core 10 Daredevil Sports Bra is all you need." — Kort

20. Elomi Energise Sports Bra

"This bra is very comfortable. I had bought two of the blue/yellow in the past, just bought two of the black. Used to wear 2 old bras when I exercised because I couldn't find a sports bra in my size and if I did it gave me the uni-boob look. I am very full-busted (GG) so there is no bra that will keep the girls from bouncing, but this bra reduces the bounce. The bra fully contains the breast. One con - the underwire is set to far back, right under the armpit." — DebGG9

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