I Always Wear 15 Pieces of Jewellery—Here's What I Know About Accessorising

If you saw me today, you would find it hard to believe that just five years ago, I hardly wore any jewellery. I say that because, these days, at any given moment, I’m wearing between 15 and 19 of my favourite items. Think: one pair of earrings, four necklaces, a few delicate bracelets, a couple colourful bracelets, a watch, and lots and lots of rings.

Getting to this highly accessorised point, however, was neither fast nor easy. It took years of searching and a bit of spending, but it was all worth it in the end. Luckily, along the way, I learned a few things about both buying and wearing jewellery that might help those in search of a daily jewellery wardrobe of their own get there more quickly than I did. And while I’ve been fortunate enough to save up for some investment pieces, the same look I have can be achieved, thanks to all the amazing affordable options out there.

So if you’re ready to become that jewellery-wearing girl, continue on to read my top three tips and to shop some of my favourite pieces along the way.

1. Only Buy Pieces That Count

By this, I mean that before buying something, you should always ask yourself a couple questions. First: Is this unlike anything else I own? If yes and you love it and it’s a useful and wearable piece, then go for it. If it’s similar to something you already have, you should consider whether it’s exponentially nicer or at least complimentary. If the item feels like a major upgrade worth trading in an old piece for or looks nice layered with other things you have, then again, go for it. If not, you might be doubling down on something unnecessarily.

2. Mix High and Low

While this often can refer to prices (and that’s definitely important too), I also think it’s imperative that you mix pieces that look fancy and ones that look fun. You neither want all your jewellery to be costumey to the point where it looks childish nor do you want to look like a walking bar of gold. This happy medium of sorts will ensure your look feels fresh day after day.

3. Necklace Layering Is About Length and Colour

Of all my accessories, the thing I get asked about (and complimented on) the most often is my layering of necklaces. To answer the most common question, yes, they do get tangled but not as often as you’d think. To keep tangling to a minimum and achieve an aesthetically pleasing look, be sure your necklaces are all different lengths. If you already own necklaces that are the same, consider having a jeweller add some loops in where it hooks or consider buying a chain extender—they even sell them at Target! Lastly, I think it’s fun to go for different colours and materials so each item stands out.