Which Shoe Belongs to Which City?

When it comes to seeking style inspiration from cities around the globe, we turn to Los Angeles, New York, and London, to name a few. What dictates a specific city’s dress code? Two big elements are transportation and weather, of course, but it’s always interesting to see what specifically inspires a certain style set’s sartorial habits.

With that in mind, we set off to learn more about how your location can have a major influence on your style. To that end, Moda Operandi tapped five offbeat style stars from all over the world—photographers Amanda Charchian, Kate Bellm, Elena Rendina, Juliette Cassidy, and Rachel Chandler—to style a pair of on-trend shoes for its fall campaign. Given that their jobs require them to be standing and capturing other people behind the camera, we figured it was time to turn the lens around. The result is what you’d expect from a handful of creatives: playful styling with a lot of personality. 

Keep reading to see how these stylish ladies’ cities influenced the way they styled their shoes, and shop fall’s must-have footwear from Moda Operandi's unique assortment.