This Online Shopping Hack Will Save You Tons of Money

As fashion editors, online shopping is part of the job, and we're always hunting for a great bargain. So, when we find something that saves major money, you can bet we do a little investigating. Our latest trick to try is Honey, an easy-to-install Chrome plugin that filters all the best promo codes for any given site when you're shopping—genius right?

We put Honey to the test to see how much we would actually save at a few of our favorite sites, and we were excited to see that it actually worked. Honey scanned the sites and tested possible codes that ended up leading to some surprising discounts. So, before you fill up your digital cart again, consider giving this plugin a try. After all, a little saving here and there can go a long way!

Read on for a look at a few pieces we shopped using Honey; then try it out yourself

On a budget? Read on for more money-saving tips!

Opening Image: A Love Is Blind

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