15 Holiday Legging Outfits to Wear When Comfort Is the Priority

When you think about holiday parties, you might automatically think about glitz and glamour courtesy of pretty dresses, stunning shoes, and sparkly accessories. One item that never comes to mind (at least not at first) is leggings. Sure, maybe they make a brief cameo in the moments before you head out to the party, when you're lounging in your room figuring what to wear, or after your holiday party when you're already taking off all your makeup. Regardless, one thing we know for sure is that somehow leggings are never a part of your actual party outfit. This year though, it's time to change that. It’s time leggings join the party—literally.

No, we're not saying to give up on everything in life and simply wear boring leggings to all your holiday outings. What we want you to do is approach this ultra-comfortable garment with open arms and curiosity. Let’s give them a chance because deep down we all love a good fitted legging. They have become our go-to pair of pants when it comes to traveling and relaxing, so now it’s time to make our holiday outfits stand out while wearing this problematic fave garment.

To find all the inspiration we need to see leggings in a whole new light, we've rounded up 15 holiday outfits with leggings that don't sacrifice one bit of style. 

When we talk about stylish comfort, we envision this outfit. 

Patent leather leggings are a thing, and you should give them a try. 

Pair your leather leggings with your leather jacket for the ultimate stylish combo. 

Proof that your oversize turtleneck goes with everything (even your leggings). 

How chic! 

A dress over leggings is a classic styling combo you shouldn't take for granted. 

Pro tip: Match your boots to your blazer.

Not 100% leggings, but still just as comfortable. 

Simply spending time with your family? This outfit is for you. 

Black and white is a color combo that can't be beaten. 

Your over-the-knee boots look (and fit) best when paired with leggings. 

Talk about a stylish and comfortable look. 

Jeggings can even work for your Canadian tuxedo. 

Stay warm by pairing your monochrome outfit with a trusted puffer. 

Proof that leggings and glitter boots look great together.