24 Nail Polish Colors That Will Make You Feel Festive All Season

24 Holiday Nail Colors



The lights are twinkling, the gifts are wrapped, the pies are prepped, and there's time for one last finishing touch: your nails. Sure, there's so much more to think about during the busy holiday season, but don't you always feel just a little more put-together, more festive, more, well, manicured when there is a fresh coat of paint on your paws? I know I do. 

As someone who has purchased literally hundreds of bottles of nail polish over the years, it's safe to say I know my way around the seasonal shades. Allow me to steer you toward hues that are ideal for celebrating the spirit of the season, whether that be Christmas, Hanukkah, or even a fun made-up holiday like Festivus. But before you start scrolling, here's a little tip: Those punny polish names can also be instructive—reds named from flowers like Geranium or Poppy are best for spring and summer, while those with precious metals or gemstones in their names are perfectly suited for fall and winter. 

Whether you choose to DIY each night of Hanukkah or treat yourself to a salon mani/pedi that will last through New Year's, these 24 holiday nail colors will definitely help get you in a celebratory spirit.

Radiant Reds

It seems like a no brainer, but there's a reason red is our go-to nail polish color for the season—it's just classic. Below are a few of our favorite takes on the shade.

Deep Purples

These dark purple and wine-inspired shades are perfect for making merry, but subtle enough for the office, too. 


A full-on metallic mani might be hard to pull off during other times of the year, but couldn't be more perfect for New Year's Eve. Bring it on, 2021! 

Winter Blues

I'll take any excuse to wear blue nail polish, especially on a cold winter's night. 

Glitz and Glitter

Go ahead, add some bling to your bling with glittery nails that sparkle all season long. 

Natural Nudes

Why mess with your go-to? If neutral nails are your thing, consider trying a new formula when practicing those DIY skills at home. 

At-Home Essentials

It's easy to keep your nails looking good between manicures with these products in our at-home arsenal. 

Gift Sets

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