8 Really Good Holiday Gifts I Plan to Get for Others (and 8 to Keep for Myself)



When it comes to gift-giving, clothes are perhaps the riskiest move for a lot of people. Maybe it's because style and fit are such personal things, but I know I panic inside when I notice someone has bought me clothes. You know what always lands, though? Athleisure, which is entirely perfect because everyone, from fashion It girls to A-list celebs, is pretty much living in stylish athleticwear this year. Jogger sets, oversize hoodies, and leggings never fail these days, whether they're a hero item in an outfit or the look entirely. Nike has something for everyone on my list this year, and then some… You have to see what I snagged for myself while shopping for my loved ones. Keep scrolling.

Gifts for my loved ones:

Gifts for myself: