H&M Calls This the Most Flattering and Comfortable Swimsuit Ever

H&M swimsuit



For someone like me who'd rather spend money on jeans and shoes than swimsuits, affordable brands like H&M are high on my swimwear list. Just like the rest of its offerings, H&M is regularly adding new swimsuits to its inventory, but it can be tricky to choose the right swimsuit sight unseen. H&M is helping out with that.

Yesterday, the brand sent out an email entirely dedicated to one particular swimsuit. The subject line of the email was "The most flattering swimsuit—ever." Obviously a bold statement, but of course I was convinced to open the email. The swimsuit in question is a new collection of pastel-colored crinkled-fabric swimsuits, which H&M also called out as being comfortable, and it looks it.

The crinkled-fabric swimsuits start at just $13 for the one-piece and top out at $26 for the high-leg bikini. Shop the various options below as well as a few other swimsuits I couldn't resist including.

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