23 Cheap H&M Buys That Will 100% Make Your Wardrobe Chicer

So, you're in search of a chicer wardrobe? Nope, it doesn't require a complete overhaul. In fact, I happen to think that creating a strong wardrobe (and therefore dressing better) all boils down to simply sourcing a few key fashion classics. This is because, when combined, these pieces ladder up to a rather chic and fashion girl–approved closet. And who wouldn't want to dress just a little bit chicer?

If you said yes, then you're in luck because everyone's favorite affordable retailer H&M happens to be stocking many of these fashion "constants." I say "constants" here because these forever items are essentially the timeless pieces that have become the cornerstones of nearly every fashion person's closet (our editors included), thanks to their versatile, evergreen nature.

So while we do spend a good amount of time talking about trends, we wanted to take a moment to discuss these more trend-proof pieces and highlight that you don't have to spend a ton on them, or really, more than $80, thanks to all the different versions that H&M has right now.

To discover each fashion classic and shop the H&M versions, just keep scrolling.

1. High-Rise Straight-Leg Jeans

Despite what denim trends may come and go, straight-leg fits—especially with a high rise—will work harder than any other jeans in your closet. They look a touch more current than classic skinnies but are equally as versatile.

stylish H&M buys



If you're convinced to add one item to your closet from this edit, let it be one of these boxy blazers. Once you own one, you'll understand that it will quickly become one of your most frequently worn items.

3. Puff-Sleeve Top

Is there anything prettier than a puff-sleeve top? I think not. What was once an emerging trend has now become a full-fledged fashion person staple, and we're of the opinion that you can never really have too many variations.

4. Crisp Button-Down Shirt

classic button-down shirts at H&M



Button-down shirts may be trending at the moment, but they're ultimately so timeless. Whether it be in cotton or lightweight linen, striped or solid, fitted, or oversized, you'll always have a reason to own and you'll always look chic when you wear it.

turtleneck tops at H&M



Layering pieces like these are essential but sadly often overlooked, which is why we're taking the opportunity to highlight the many excellent and affordable options from H&M right now. 

6. Gold Jewelry

jewelry classics from H&M



If you want to take a regular outfit and quickly make it into something special, gold jewelry will always do the trick. Layer on the stacks or reach for one statement piece to anchor your look. There's not really a "wrong" way to accessorize.