I Need These 34 Things From H&M's New Capsule Collection

When anticipating the drop of a new get-it-before-it-sells-out capsule collection, we usually curate 10 or so of our favorite pieces to share with you guys—to which H&M's F/W 18 Studio Collection says, "Ha! Good luck, buddy; just you try and narrow me down!" Put it this way: If you were to co-star in an old Steve McQueen movie that definitely had a scene where you're waiting alone in a diner, it was raining outside, and you were just kind of fabulous, this would be your wardrobe.

The Studio Collection feels cinematic, a modern take on picture-perfect nostalgia. I'm talking turtlenecks, peacoats, heritage knits, pussy bows, high-waisted everything, really good dark denim, this short-sleeve knit top, and that old fall runway collection trick of throwing in a couple of stunningly bright pieces that bring it all to life. There's a black leather aviator jacket that actually made me touch my fingers to my lips and a trench coat so good I'm seriously considering getting it in both colorways.

Having spent the better part of my morning trying to ruthlessly curate a shortlist of favorite pieces, I fold. I simply don't have it in me. Instead, I give you my (not so) shortlist, aka 30-something really, really good things I really had to show you before they sell out. (Did I mention everything is under $399—even the leather jacket?) Enjoy!

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