9 Back-to-School Items We're Buying From H&M

You know that giddy, overwhelmingly excited feeling you got when your mom scheduled your annual back-to-school shopping trip back in the day? Us too, and we've got good news if you're looking to recapture it: Whether you're heading back to university in the fall or just want to participate in a new-season fashion binge (no one shall be left out!), look no further than H&M's Divided Collection.

As Julia Friedman (a fashion blogger who happens to be one of our favorite models) puts it, "Who doesn't like a wardrobe refresh?!" As a student at Parsons in NYC (famous alumni include Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford), Friedman is a trusted resource on the subject of back-to-school shopping. And when your campus is located in Greenwich Village, the new semester definitely calls for a slew of fresh casual-cool looks that will carry you from class to café to whatever else the city has in store.