These Trends Never Die, According to 3 Generations of Women

There's this thing I like to call "trend whiplash." It's basically the jolt of a trend's sudden onslaught and even more sudden departure, and it brings a lot of uncertainty into the mix for me when I want to shop for a cute bag or a new pair of shoes. How can I predict the shelf life of my potential purchase before I take the plunge? Here at Who What Wear, we go out of our way to share insight into the shelf life of certain trends, like which shoe trends to ditch and on the other hand, which pieces our editors have worn and loved for years.

Today I'm taking a look at the trends that three generations of women in my family—my grandmother, my mom, and my sister and I—have unanimously loved. After 70 years of wearing these heirloom clothing items, I think it's safe to say that if these trends have proven to be relevant for all of us, they'll truly never bite the dust.

If I haven't made it overwhelmingly clear yet, I have a soft spot for secondhand, especially vintage, clothing. So I was thrilled when a few months back, my grandmother bestowed a plethora of her best-kept clothing, bags, and accessories upon me. I'm over the moon to give new life to items like her vintage Fendi baguette bag and a handful of printed silk scarves from designers like Hermès and Henri Bendel. Below I'm sharing how I'm styling my newly inherited pieces to prove just how much staying power these trends really have.