The $35 Top That Saved My Closet

I woke up the other day in a foggy state of mind (okay, it was a Monday). I wanted nothing to do with the plethora of trendy items sitting on my rolling rack right in front of my eyes. Instead of just throwing on the first pair of jeans on top of the pile, though, I sat back and started to dream up my idea of the "perfect" piece (probably to procrastinate actually getting ready). The item had to be something versatile so that I didn't have to think too hard about all the events on my calendar that day, but it also had to be something that's just plain easy to wear, as in, it basically styles itself. Is it starting to sound like a sartorial myth?

I thought so too until I picked up one of the new arrivals from our Who What Wear collection, the Long Sleeve Button-Up Tunic. With its high side slits, neutral beige color, and lightweight linen material, it embodied the "perfect" piece I was after all along. I know the idea of a day-to-night dressing seems a bit overused by fashion editors, but that's exactly what made this top so ideal. It can be styled in an endless number of ways, so you'll never tire of it.

I was quickly inspired by the top's versatility, so I wore it throughout a jam-packed day of meetings and appointments, each point throughout it styling the top in a whole new way. Ahead see how the tunic took me from morning errands all the way to evening drinks in the span of a day.


Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen are the epitome of chic if you ask me, and the one thing I always notice them wearing are dusters and generally long, dramatic silhouettes. I took inspiration from my forever muses and wore the tunic open as a duster jacket for a morning of running a few errands. I love the way the natural shade really popped against my all-black base and the light linen material was just perfect in L.A.'s suffocating heat.


Tie-front tops are clearly having a moment right now, so I was inspired by the summer trend that it seems everyone is wearing with their jeans right now. To create the look I was after, I tied the front tails together in a knot and let the collar fall off my shoulders a bit to really highlight my collarbones. I love the undone appeal it created.


Since I wore the same base outfit all day, I needed to totally transform the look to bring it into nighttime. I went to grab a few cocktails that evening, so I swapped out my flat sandals for a strappy heeled pair and cinched the tunic with a waist belt. Voilà! With the aid of a slicked-back low bun and a mini handbag, my outfit suddenly took on a sleeker finish than it had in the morning.

All in all, I was surprised by how well the tunic transitioned from event to event throughout my jam-packed day, and after my little style experiment, I'm keen on testing out the top with even more outfits.


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