The One Shoe Trend to Ditch in 2018

In the world of trends, things come and go. And recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about shoe trends since I’ve been trying to curate the pairs I have in my collection. One that I never hopped on board with is the flatform, which turns out is a good thing because it’s on its way out. I’ve been seeing the styles less and less, but it was confirmed for me when one Who What Wear editor recently reported that the trend was “slowly dying.”

But which are the ones to invest in instead? With my generally classic approach to style, I tend to approach new trends with caution. I consider them carefully and then ask myself if they really, truly work into my wardrobe or if they’re something I’ll end up regretting a few months down the road. But recently I can’t stop thinking about the square shoe trend. To be honest, I’ve never fallen so hard for a trend quite like this one, and I’m personally vouching that they’re worth investing in now. Ahead, I’m breaking down four of my favorite brands designing square-toe styles with an edit of the best styles.