3 Fashion-Girl Hairstyles Poised to Be Big in 2020

It seems like every day there's a new hair color, style, accessory or cut that's suddenly everywhere—last year it was hair clips and braids, and this year it's headbands and blunt bobs. Well, since 2019 is nearing its end, I decided to get ahead of the trends for next year and start identifying them now so I have ample time to mull over whether or not I'll be jumping on them before everyone is wearing them and I feel like I missed the boat.

After checking out hundreds of 2020 runway photos and chatting with experts across the beauty realm, I've zeroed in on a few hairstyles that fashion girls everywhere will be wearing in no time. From the bang style that's poised to take over to the hair accessory here to replace your favorite clips, below are the three hairstyles that will be huge next year. 


Braids just got a new best friend—meet the hair rings that will be adorning the heads of cool girls everywhere in 2020. We're already seeing early adopters like Tracee Ellis Ross leaning into these, and we predict they're about to blow up. 

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Goodbye, fringe bangs. Hello, curls! Next year will be all about curly, textured bangs and major volume. Ladies lucky enough to have naturally curly hair can embrace their natural state, and those with straighter strands can fake the look with a bit of texturizing product.

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Once reserved for those trying to grow out their hair, long, seemingly unplanned bangs and front pieces are going to be highly requested in a few short weeks. This effortless, couldn't-care-less kind hair vibe will probably only be worn by the coolest of cool girls, but man will they make this risky style look good. 

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