A Celebrity Stylist Shares 3 Easy Hairstyles to Try When You Have Zero Time

We all have those days when your morning is jam-packed with appointments, meetings, errands, work, and an endless to-do list. On top of that, you’ve woken up late. On days like this, the last thing you want to worry about is figuring out what to do with your hair. So how can you make your locks look polished and pulled together when you have zero time to blow-dry, straighten, curl, or wash?

We tapped into Justine Marjan, celebrity hairstylist to stars such as Khloé Kardashian, Olivia Culpo, Chrissy Teigen, and Kerry Washington, for some welcome tips and tricks. From easy updos you can do in less than five minutes to cool hair accessories that will solve any bad hair day, scroll below as she shares three easy hairstyles (and the products your need to achieve them) that are ideal for when you only have five minutes to spare.

Sleek Ponytail

“This is a great option for second or third day hair as the natural oils will help keep the hair flat to the head. Spray a smoothing brush with Tresemme Micro Mist Hairspray in Extend #4 and then brush strands back toward the nape of the neck. If hair is thick, gather the back of the hair first and secure with an elastic before adding the hair from the front. Apply Fatboy Water Wax to a toothbrush and brush down any frizz or fly-aways sound the face to keep hair smooth.”

Achieve the look:

This will hold your style from day to night without the stiff feeling.

Keep hair smooth and tangle free with this brush boar mix.

An extra toothbrush to help with the frizz is always good to have on hand.

These won’t leave behind any kinks.

Great for thick hair, these get super-high reviews on Amazon for their strength and springiness.

Messy Topknot

“This is my go-to hairstyle when I’m in a rush! Flip your head upside down; then use a smoothing brush that’s been sprayed with Tresemme Micro Mist hair spray to brush all the hair toward the top of the head. Use a scrunchie to gather hair (try one of my new faux-leather scrunchies from the Kitsch x Justine collection); then twist and secure until there’s no more slack on the scrunchie. If any hairs fall loose, use a decorative hair pin to hold them into place. Adding elevated accessories to the simple topknot makes it look like you put more intention behind your style than you did!”

Achieve the look:

You don’t know what you’re missing without a boar and nylon bristle brush. Beauty mavens love this one.

This faux-leather scrunchie adds an elevated touch (and also comes in black).

Not a scrunchie fan? Try a pretty, no-crease, ribbon hair-tie instead.

Pin back those loose hairs with something modern and fun.

Or opt for metallic bobby pins (you can never have too many!). 

Add a Headband

“When you’re low on time, have dirty hair, or need a quick refresh, I love brushing the hair into a low bun and adding a decorative or statement headband. It takes the attention away from your hair so the style doesn’t have to be perfect and it adds a chic touch that makes it look like you put in more effort than you did. Spray Oribe Après Beach Wave Spray throughout hair then loosely gather into a bun at the nape of the neck, letting a few pieces fall free around the face, and then place a headband about an inch away from the front hairline. Try a faux-leather one for a playful touch.”

Achieve the look:

This light-hold spray will add volume and create bombshell hair without the stiffness.

If you have dirty hair and need a quick refresh give your roots a quick spray of dry shampoo.

A velvet headband looks expensive and plush.

Or try a leather one for a fashion-forward look.

This is perfect to take you into the night.