5 Hairstyles You'll Spot on the Fashion Set During 2020

I typically have my eye turned to the fashion moments happening on the street style scene, but recently I’ve been paying just as much attention to the beauty looks as I have been to all of the cool outfits. Yep, the makeup endorsed by stylish insiders captures my attention instantly, but so do the hairstyles they’re wearing. Over the course of fashion month, there were plenty of cool haircuts and styles that emerged that are popular in 2020.

Just which fashionable hairstyles are worth repeating from Fashion Week? Ahead, I’m highlighting five that have the fashion girl stamp of approval. From the short haircut that’s suddenly everywhere to popular styling ideas to zero-effort (but still chic) looks, these are the coolest ways to wear. Go on to see 21 inspiring looks to try out yourself.

1. Double-Band Braids

One of the biggest hairstyles to emerge among the fashion set last year? Double-brand braids positioned at the nape of the neck and secured with ponytail holders at the top and bottom. This hairstyle is set to gain even more traction as 2020 continues.

This hairstyle looks especially cool with a statement earring.

Fashionable hairstyles: Double-band braids


Getty Images/Claudio Lavenia

Consider this your new go-to daytime hairstyle.

The double-band braid is especially popular among minimalists.

I'm seeing most people wear this with a middle part.

2. Natural Curls

If you are blessed with curls, right now is the time to embrace them. Fashion insiders are leaning into their natural hair textures, and it's making me wish that I had any hint of wave in my own hair.

Emili Sindlev is the master of loose, natural waves.

How stunning is this look?

Renata Jazdzyk's short curls are just stunning.

Here's how to pull off volume.

Shoulder-sweeping waves for the win.

3. Low buns and ponytails

For anyone who would rather pull their hair back, go for a low-sweeping bun or ponytail. The most popular way to wear it? With a deep middle part and hair tucked behind the ears.

I'll be repeating this ASAP.

This hairstyle instantly reads as polished and sophisticated.

Here's a look that can easily transition from day to night.

4. Straight with a middle part

For an easy, everyday hairstyle, fashion insiders have been wearing their hair straight with a part down the middle. We're seeing everything from flat-iron straight to more of an airdried straight finish with an undone texture.

Sweep hair behind the ears to frame your face.

Run a hair straightener through your ends for a sleek finish.

Or forego the straightener for a more natural finish.

Lauren Santo Domingo is a fan of the hairstyle.

5. Blunt Bobs

Haircuts seem to be getting shorter recently, with blunt bobs widely popular among celebs and the fashion insider set. Our associate beauty editor Courtney Higgs is even considering chopping her hair after spotting these 27 chic cuts.

Tiffany Hsu is definitely making the case for a chic blunt bob.

A length that sits just above the shoulders is the most popular among the fashion set.

The perennially chic Linda Tol can do no wrong.

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