Gwyneth Paltrow Told Me Which "Holy Shit" Product Makes an Immediate Difference

It’s a good day when an invitation for a Montecito weekend with Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop lands in your inbox, and it’s an even better day when your schedule happens to be completely clear. The occasion was the opening of Goop’s new Sundries shop located at the Rosewood Miramar Beach Hotel, and I would have the chance to check out the store and speak with Gwyneth about her latest endeavor. 

Cut to me grabbing my best friend and driving up the Pacific Coast Highway in a brand new Lincoln Aviator, which the Goop team kindly provided. For those planning a trip up to Montecito (and hopefully the Sundries shop too), the journey takes about an hour and a half from L.A., but thanks to the massage features and in-car Wi-Fi, half the fun was getting there. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a more luxurious vehicle, and the valet attendants basically had to pry the keys from my hands when I arrived. Hey, I had only tried a fraction of the 30 different massage customizations, and I simply wasn't ready to part.

Goop Sundries Shop


Courtesy of Adrian Gaut

While our hotel room was prepared, we checked out the Goop Sundries shop, which is basically my dream selection of beauty, wellness, and fashion goods. The clean deodorant I had saved to my Instagram “products to try” folder? It was there. The lip stain my friend and I had just DM’ed about? Right next to the deodorant, of course. The thought crossed my mind: If I somehow forgot my entire suitcase, I might just be secretly glad that I would have an excuse to upgrade my entire beauty routine with Goop-approved picks.

Goop Sundries Shop


Courtesy of Adrian Gaut

When I asked Gwyneth about her curation, she touched on Goop’s clean beauty standards. “Once a product passes the clean test, we try by hand everything that comes through,” she shared. “Is it efficacious, does it smell good, does it feel good? Would I spend my money on it? And if I love it and the team loves it, then it makes the cut.”

Turns out, I would spend my money on it too, as my friend and I left the shop with several purchases we deemed necessary. So far, my favorite has been Edition 04 Orchard Eau de Parfum ($55), which is the kind of gorgeous sandalwood scent that people stop me on the street to ask about. I was so impressed with the beauty selection that I took the opportunity to ask Gwyneth a bit more about her beauty routine, and, yes, about the standout product promised in the headline that provides immediate results.

What is a “holy shit” product that you tried and immediately noticed a difference?

Right away you can see a difference with the microderm exfoliator. I put it on, and it's instant. It’s my obsession right now. I have really dry skin, and I’ll put it on dry, clean skin and leave it until it starts to tingle. There’s all this incredible manual exfoliant in it, so I’ll pair that with the face oil. That’s my whole routine.

What would surprise people about your beauty routine?

How pared back it is. If I go on a girls’ trip and I see other people’s rituals, I think ‘Oh, I’ve really got to up my ritual here.’ I’m pretty low key. I do our peel pad once a week. It’s strong; I love it. And that’s kind of it. In the winter, I do need a good moisturizer because I tend to run so dry.

Gwyneth Paltrow '90s Beauty


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What things would you have changed in your beauty routine in your 20s or 30s?

I’ve always been kind of a tomboy, which is probably why I have many wrinkles at this point! I’ve always been pretty minimal in my routine. I’ve always loved face oil. Looking back, when I see pictures, I would have not done so much eyebrow plucking. That was a real thing. And that brown MAC lip liner we wore in Spice.

Gwyneth Paltrow Grey Skirt and Sweater Goop


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What beauty products do you prioritize? 

When you’re trying to clean up your beauty routine, I always think about it real estate–wise. Anything that you’re slathering all over your skin and going to leave on should be clean because we absorb a lot through our skin. Products can be up to 70% transdermally absorbed. So any body oil, body moisturizer, face moisturizer are things I really make sure are quality.

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The trip was paid for by Goop; editor's opinions are her own.